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Saturday, February 25, 2023

MAM MAM @ NUHS - A Hidden Gem At National University Hospital


One of my most ordered delivery during these three years of Covid is MAM MAM. However, I only recently visited the casual eatery hidden in National University Health System (NUHS) Tower Block at National University Hospital. MAM MAM is the brainchild between Chef Sebastian Ng of VENUE by Sebastian, and Edmund Ang, the third-generation owner of Punggol Nasi Lemak. The casual eatery serves affordable Asian Rice Bowl and hearty local food.

100-hour Duck Confit Rice Bowl

One of my favourite dishes at MAM MAM is its 100-hour Duck Confit Rice Bowl ($11.50). The confit duck leg is marinated with Asian spices for two days and slow-cooked for 24 hours. The result is extremely tender with flavoursome crispy skin. The rice bowl is served with delectable sides - seasonal vegetables, salted veggies and egg roll. Not forgetting the piquant green sambal that accentuated the enjoyment of the duck confit.

Spice-crusted Chicken Leg

The signature at MAM MAM is its Spice-crusted Chicken Leg ($8.50). The huge chicken leg is marinated in a special concoction comprising 16 different types of herbs and spices for an aromatic finish. The chicken leg is deep-fried to a delightful crunch on the skin but tender and juicy inside. It is served with a side of pickled cucumber and egg roll.


Besides the two Asian rice bowls, the menu offers four other ones, all below $10. They are Golden Fried Chicken in Signature Spicy Tomato Sauce ($7.50), Slow-roasted Norwegian Salmon Specialty ($9.50), Signature Minced Chicken with Basil and Egg Tofu ($5.90) and Wok-fried Sliced Beef with Ginger and Scallion ($5.80).


MAM MAM also offers congee on its menu. The congee has a consistent creaminess. It is a hearty and comforting bowl of congee. However, it is not the style I like. Being a Teochew, I prefer it to be more grainy.


Another item I usually order at MAM MAM is the Green Bean and Sago. It is a local dessert I like, and at MAM MAM, I can have a satisfying meal from mains to dessert.

NUHS Tower Block
Level One
1E Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119228
Tel: +65 62524320
Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7am - 5pm
(Closed on Sat-Sun)

1) Alight at Kent Ridge MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk down South Buona Vista Road. Turn right onto Kent Ridge Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 mintues. [Map]

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Jiak (家) @ Joo Chiat Place - Grandma's Recipe Private Dining With Whiskey Pairing


One of the newest kid in the private dining scene is Jiak at Joo Chiat Place. The 3 month's old private dining place is helmed by Chef Anon Foo. Unlike most of the private dinings I have attended which the chefs have a colourful resumes of working in top restaurants, Anon followed and learned from his grandmother at her hawker stall since young. Hence at Jiak, one can look forward to home cooked dishes largely inspired by Anon's grandmother.

Achar 4/5

Before starting our dinner, each of us are given a small serving of homemade Achar.

Signature Foie Gras Ngor Hiang 3/5

Our meal started with the Signature Foie Gras Ngor Hiang. It is an interesting take of the traditional ngor hiang and it taste pretty good. However the foie gras did not stand out in the execution which is a slight disappointment. Some of us also find that it is on the salty side.

Prime Rib Lotus Root Soup 4.2/5

Doubled boiled over charcoal is the Prime Rib Lotus Root Soup. The slow cooked over charcoal has drawn out the essences and sweetness of the ingredients without the used of salt. All of us had another helping as this is really good.

Kong Bak Pau 4/5

The surprise special of the day is the Kong Bak Pau. Sandwiched in between the soft and fluffy bun is the pork belly that has been well infused with the braising sauce.

Herbal Emperor Chicken 3.5/5

Didn't look too photogenic is the Herbal Emperor Chicken as I did not get a shoot before it was dissected at the back of the kitchen before serving. I appreciate the fact that the tender chicken didn't come across too strong in the herbal taste which was pleasing to the palate.

Steamed Cod Fish in Chicken Broth 3,8/5

Next up we are served a whole fillet of Steamed Cod Fish in Chicken Broth. Nothing complicate just allowing the soy sauce to bring out the buttery flavour of the cod fish.

Dry Laksa 4.2/5

For the mains, diner will have a choice of Dry Laksa or Homemade Fish Otah Nasi Lemak. The Dry Laksa comes with 2 huge prawns in a very coconuty sauce. Add a dollop of chilli to spice up the flavour. I only wish that I can get the usual bean sprouts, fish cakes, tao pok and even cockles in my laksa though.

Homemade Fish Otah Nasi Lemak 4.2/5

Personally I prefer the Homemade Fish Otah Nasi Lemak for the fact that it is more substantial. The otah is really good, so good that I have to reconfirm whether it is really homemade as it tastes very similar to a particular brand I like. The plate of fragrant rice even comes with ikan bilis, japanese-style lava egg and sambal chilli.

Green Bean Soup with Coconut 4.5/5

The Green Bean Soup with Coconut wrapped up our meal. Diner has a choice of either hot or cold. I would recommend going for the hot one to appreciate the full flavour as the ice tends to duplicate the richness.


Dining at Jiak is set at $70 nett per pax for 6 dishes plus a special of the day. Whisky pairing is available at $12 to $15 per dram to complement the meal, which has been put together by their in-house whisky connoisseur. If you plan to bring your own wine or whisky, corkage fee applies at $25 and $50 respectively.

Note: This is an invited tasting

Jiak (家)
184B Joo Chiat Place
Singapore 427896
Tel: +65 82842758
Nearest MRT: Eunos (EW Line), Dakota (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
630pm till late

1) Alight at Eunos MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to Eunos Bus Interchange (Stop ID 82009). Take Bus 150. Alight 2 stops later. Walk down Still Road. At the junction of Still Road and Joo Chiat Place, cross the junction. Turn right onto Joo Chiat Place. Walk to destination. Journey time about 12 mins [Map]

2) Alight at Eunos MRT station. Take Exit A or B. Walk to Bus Stop at Sims Ave (Stop ID 82061). Take Bus 13 or 155. Alight 1 stops later. Walk down Still Road. At the junction of Still Road and Joo Chiat Place, cross the junction. Turn right onto Joo Chiat Place. Walk to destination. Journey time about 12 mins [Map]

3) Alight at Dakota MRT station. Walk to bus stop at Blk 99 Old Airport Road (Stop ID 81181). Take bus 33. Alight 7 stops later. Cross the road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 20 mins. [Map]