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Binary @ Palais Renaissance - Celebrating One Year Milestone With A Revamped Menu


Binary at Palais Renaissance is a gastro-bar that conceptualises its menu based on the concept of Binary. Presenting a single produce in both Asian and Western versions, you can choose either one flavour or even both if one intrigues you just as much as the other. One year on, Binary has recently refreshed its menu to incorporate new creations in a more considered format that better reflects its binary approach towards cuisine.

Signature Kubaneh Bread 5/5

Kubaneh is a Jewish Yemeni pull-apart bread, and what we had was done using the chef's very own winning formula. Apparently, this Signature Kubaneh Bread ($14) has made itself quite a name for the past year. And indeed, it was on every occupied table. Its beautiful gold crust illuminated in the light, and pulling it apart revealed the soft and fluffy interior. While some like it slathered with the accompanying garlic butter and kombu butter, I enjoyed it equally with the small plates and mains that were served after.

Octopus/Lao Gan Ma Chilli Crisp 4.5/5

From Small Plates Section ($18 each), we were first served with Octopus tossed with Lao Gan Ma Chilli Crisp (+$14) was moreish and definitely the most innovative way of presenting a grilled octopus. Using the household Lao Gan Ma Chilli, the crisp itself was piquant with a desired amount of heat. The grilled octopus is served thoughtfully sliced up instead of whole, allowing each slice to be enjoyed easily with the crisp without having to slice it up with utensils.

Sesame Prawn Toast 2/5

The following Small Plate, however, paled in comparison. The Asian approach of the Tiger Prawns is presented through a Hong Kong-style sesame prawn toast. A housemade tiger prawn paste is spread onto white bread, deep-fried and finished with a drizzle of kecap manis sauce. The idea is appealing, but not our greasy toast and the salty prawn paste.

Fresh Burrata 4.5/5

Coming to the single produce Cheese, we had a vegan-friendly Western style - Fresh Burrata, served with homemade impossible meat sauce and basil. The meat sauce was impossibly delicious! Like a good bolognese sauce, it was well seasoned with herbs, spices and sweetness from plumb tomatoes, and the minced impossible had a nice bite to it, unlike some other vegan versions, which turned out somewhat mushy. It was indeed a fitting match with the divine pillowy soft burrata.

Wagyu Petit Tender 3/5

The Asian-style Wagyu Petit Tender is new, glazed with savoury char siew sauce. My favourite parts were the tail and front, fully caramelized on one side. Unfortunately, the larger slices in between were a tad underseasoned.

King Prawn 2.5/5

We had King Prawn (tasting portion) oven baked with cajun herb butter for the Mains. The flavours were good, but the prawns lacked the desired firmness.

Oven-Roasted Whole Spatchcock Chicken 4/5

We also had Asian-style Oven-Roasted Whole Spatchcock Chicken (tasting portion). It has the flavours of an Asian soy chicken but is even tastier with a savoury-sweet, slightly charred skin. The meat was tender, and even the lean breast meat portion was delectable.

Grilled Asparagus 3.5/5

New highlights under Sides ($14) include a Grilled Asparagus flavoured with housemade egg aioli, grated Parmigiano and salt-cured egg yolk. I couldn't taste the latter as it was being grated, but overall, it was an excellent complement to the mains.

Hongkong Egglet 4/5

The Dessert section surprised us with an unexpected offering - Hongkong Egglet with blue sea salt ice cream, yuzu jam and chocolate balls. I enjoyed it far more than any egglet I have tried in Singapore. You get an abundance of textures. Some egg pockets were fluffy, some were crisp on one side and doughy on the other, just like a typical egglet. I was impressed! The accompaniments are odd though. Perhaps they should just serve in Hongkong style, with condensed milk, sugar and peanut butter.


Alongside Binary also debuts a cocktail menu that adopts the same binary presentation, where you get a list of Classic offerings synergised with another list with an Asian style.


Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road
Singapore 238871
Tel: +65 93630101
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS, TE Line)

Opening Hours
Sun-Tue: 1130am - 1030pm
Wed–Sat: 1130am to 12midnight

Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit 4. Walk to Wheelock Place. Walk to traffic junction of Orchard Road and Angullia Park. Cross the road to Royal Thai Embassy. Turn left and continue down Orchard Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

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