Thursday, December 22, 2022

Sumbao Seafood Restaurant @ Race Course Road - Unique Charcoal Claypot Fish Soup Hotpot


Newly opened along Race Course Road is Sumbao Seafood Restaurant serving Ipoh Malaysian-style Zi Char dishes. Unique at Sumbao is its Charcoal Claypot Fish Soup Hotpot that comes in a charcoal stove, unlike the usual fish head steamboat.


Sumbao Signature Claypot Fish Soup Hotpot 4/5

The Sumbao Signature Claypot Fish Soup Hotpot is served in a claypot over a charcoal stove. Customers get to choose the type of fish to go with their claypot fish soup hotpot. There are four choices - Grouper ($48/$65), Red Grouper ($68/$98), Pomfret (Seasonal), and Giant Grouper (Seasonal). The fresh fish is cut into slices and served on the side for customers to cook individually, like having shabu shabu. There are also other ingredients in the claypot, such as fish head, yam, seaweed, tofu, tomato, Chinese cabbage, and celery. The sweet and savoury fish soup is addictive, with a hint of smokiness probably from the charcoal fire and claypot heat.

Hokkien Style Pig's Trotter 4.2/5

A highlight at Sumbao is the Hokkien Style Pig's Trotter. I was surprised at how soft and tender the pig's trotter was, falling apart easily. The pig's trotter was flavourful and well-flavoured from the delicious braising sauce, which goes well with a bowl of steaming rice.

Golden Sand Cereal Chicken, Small $18 | Large 4.2/5

Usually, I have cereal prawn, but Golden Sand Cereal Chicken (Small $18 | Large $28) is first for me. The tender chicken pieces coated in sweet and crispy cereal, plus the aroma from the curry leaves, is a deliciously executed dish that will be enjoyed by both young and old.

Deep Fried Prawns with Special Soy Sauce 4.2/5

I am not sure precisely what the sauce's concoction is, but the succulent Deep Fried Prawns with Special Soy Sauce (Small $19 | Large $33) is very addictive. The sauce's sweetness complemented the fresh prawns, which is very appetising.

Stir Fried Chinese Fungus with Mixed Veg 4/5

Lastly, we had the Stir Fried Chinese Fungus with Mixed Veg (Small $12 | Large $20). I love the use of the different fungus and vegetables, which have a delightful crunch.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Sumbao Seafood
378 Race Course Road
Singapore 218646
Tel: +65 91328083
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed-Sun: 11am - 230pm, 5pm - 10pm
(Closed on Tue)

1) Alight at Farrer Park MRT station. Take Exit B. Turn right and walk to Race Course Road. Turn left onto Race Course Road. Walk down Race Course Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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