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WALA Pizza Private Dining - Out Of This World Pizza Flavours That Will Blow Your Mind


WALA Pizza is a new private home dining started in 2021 by Jenna that offers Canotto-style pizza with out-of-the-world flavour profiles that you can't find elsewhere. Besides the delicious food, be treated to Jenna's warm in-home hospitality and inspiring travel stories to find the best pizza.

Herring & Red Beet Hummus, Kale Wrap

Our antipasto started with the Herring & Red Beet Hummus paired with Wala homegrown Kale Wrap and dill. Resting on a bed of red beet hummus are marinated herring topped with caviar and pomegranate dressed with Italian extra virgin olive oil. To eat, place everything onto the kale and have it like a wrap.

Garlic Basil Bread


The other antipasto is Garlic Basil Bread. A glimpse of Canotto-style pizza with its huge air pocket. The airy and fluffy pizza dough is topped with Wala sweet Italian basil, French garlic and Italian 36-month-aged Parmigiano.

REAL Pistachio Mortadella

A popular choice among the diners is the REAL Pistachio Mortadella. The pizza is topped with Italian mortadella, Wala Sicilian pistachio puree, fresh Italian stracciatella, creme fraiche, 36-month-aged Parmigiano, crushed Sicilian pistachio, and further accentuated with lemon zest and Wala homegrown basil.

Pumpkin 4 Cheese

Next, we have another exciting and unique combination in the Pumpkin 4 Cheese. It comprised Wala Japanese pumpkin creme, 36-month-aged Parmigiano, Ex-matured vintage cheddar, gorgonzola, charred halloumi, pink peppercorn, red onion and Wala homegrown Thyme as the topping.

Truffle Carbonara

An OG of Wala Pizza and a must-have for any first-timer is the Truffle Carbonara. The airy and fluffy pizza is packed with beautiful flavours from topping comprising Italian tartufata truffle, buffalo milk, guanciale, creme fraiche, pasteurized egg yolks, 36-month Parmigiano and Italian truffle-infused EVOO.

Xinjiang Lamb

An unexpected pizza on the menu is the East meets West, Xinjiang Lamb pizza. It is the most flavoured pizza that packs a robust punch to it. It is topped with Wala Xinjiang spiced lamb, cumin seeds, Wala basil, red onion, mala oil, white sesame and fresh Italian mozzarella.

3-Way Toms & Chovies

The last savoury pizza we had was the 3-Way Toms & Chovies topped with Wala San Marzano base, Italian sun-dried tomatoes, roasted golden tomatoes confit, Spanish anchovies, Italian burrata, Wala pine pesto, Wala dill and Italian balsamic vinegar.

5-Spice Pumpkin Kaya & Coconut 'Nice' Cream

We opted for the 5-Spice Pumpkin Kaya & Coconut 'Nice' Cream for the dessert pizza. It is a sweet combination of hot and cold contrast. The hot elements came from the Australian pumpkin, Nyonya pandan kaya and Chinese 5-spice, while the coconut dairy-free ice cream, Wala mint and orange zest provided the cold element.

Wala Pizza Private Dining is worth visiting for its unique flavour combinations that are out of this world. Jenna has over 100 different flavours up her sleeves, and I have only seven of them. However, I am already planning my next visit to try other flavours. By the way, it may be seen that there are a lot of pizzas over one meal, but the dough is airy; hence you will not feel stuffed after the meal.

WALA Pizza Private Dining
Choa Chu Kang

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