Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dine At Home During Phrase 2 Heighten Alert - Hand Bello


Hand Bello is a modern pasta bar I discovered during the Phrase 2 Heighten Alert period. The same folk behind Dear Nesuto opens the restaurant located at 92 Amoy Street. The menu offers a variety of pasta that opens one's eyes to the world of pasta. It showcases the different kinds of pasta in its various forms and shapes.
Pink Vodka 4.2/5

First up is the Pink Vodka, which features rigatoni pasta in tomato, cream and vodka, tossed with chilli flake. The pasta dish looks rather plain with no other ingredients. Surprisingly, the sauce itself is enough to elevate the pasta to a delicious note.

Corny Tortellini 4.2/5

One of my favourite pasta is the tortellini. Maybe it is due to my Chinese heritage, and it looks like our Chinese dumpling. The Corny Tortellini is filled with mushroom and cream cheese, tossed in sweet corn veloute. It is then garnished with fried sage leaves.

La Nonna's 4/5

A homely take of the Italian pasta is the La Nonna's. The bowl of piquant toasted chilli flecked casarecca pasta is paired with spicy kurobuta pork sausage and broccolini. It is finished with zingy lemon twang.

Nuts for Pesto 3.8/5

One of the chef's recommendations is the Nuts for Pesto. The pasta is tossed in a bright and zesty pesto of zucchini, basil, tarragon, mint and walnut, and topped with curly kale and walnut. I am not a big fan of pesto, but I am sure its fans will enjoy the combination.


For takeaway and islandwide delivery, customer can order via

Hand Bello
92 Amoy Street
Singapore 069911
Tel: +65 6977 7375

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