Friday, September 11, 2020

The Matriarchs Kitchen X Buttercup Mixes Private Dining @ Bartley Road - Private Dining With Cocktails/Mocktails Pairing


The booming private dining scene in Singapore came to a standstill when the COVID-19 pandemic hits Singapore. While the pandemic is not over yet, the government has relaxed the COVID measures, allowing some form of business to restart. With the relaxation, I have noticed some private dining places have started taking reservation in smaller session accordingly to the COVID measures put in place by the government.


We visited The Matriarchs Kitchen, which is new to the private dining scene. Jazmyn is an amazing cook who is well-versed in many cuisines, partly due to her rich family roots. Hence there is not really a fixed menu but different cuisine theme for each session. In fact, Jazmyn has done private dining eight years ago but took a 3 years break. Now she is back collaborating with Melissa from Buttercup Mixes, the resident mixologist pairing the meal with cocktails. Mocktails are available too.



We started with Kueh Pai Tee to kick start the dinner. The host has made some for us, and if you want more, you can make them yourself too, having some hands-on fun piecing the snack together.


Next is a refreshing Fruit Salad paired with homemade rojak sauce. I have not been an attentive listener during the meal as I was enjoying the food more than paying attention to the host explaining the ingredients that go into the rojak sauce. If I am not wrong, plum sauce is added to balance the saltiness of the prawn paste, complementing the sweetness of the fruit.


There are also some mid-wings for us to nibble before moving to dinner proper.


The dish that wows me most is an assuming soup dish which I have never come across before. This is the first time I have Mee Soto Soup paired with Begedil. Unlike the begedil we get outside, which only consists of potato, the version here is a mixture of potato and mutton.



Next, we have the Beef Rendang and Sambal Chilli Eggplant that are cooked with rempah and sambal homemade by Jazmyn. The host indeed makes an impression with the aromatic rempah and sambal.


Our main is the Udon Laksa that comes with prawn, squid and quail egg. The laksa broth is thick and creamy, pack with flavours. It is quite interesting in the choice of noodle, using the Japanese udon instead of the usual thick beehoon noodle. The similarity is like having a bowl of Japanese curry udon with a local twist. We felt the laksa can be spicier too.


Wrapping up our dinner, our dessert is Yam Paste. Jazmyn's version is healthier without the use of lard or shallot oil. It is lighter in taste and smoother in texture. We thought the addition of a contrasting texture will make the dessert more enjoyable.

The Matriarchs Kitchen X Buttercup Mixes
Bartley Road

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