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Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot @ Boat Quay - Steamboat Brimming With Ingredients Upon Order


Unlike other hotpot places, Tong Xin Ru Yi Tradition Hotpot serves flavourful slow-cooked soup bases brimming with ingredients upon order. Formerly located at Boat Quay facing the river, it has moved a street behind to Lorong Telok, near Circular Road. Compare to its previous premise, the new place is bigger and more spacious with elegant wooden furnishings and muted earthy tones.

Fried Mint Leaf 3.5/5

When having hotpot, there is a waiting gap for the raw ingredients to be cooked. Hence one can order some cooked food to munch first. A good starter is the Fried Mint Leaf ($8), crunchy with a crispy tempura-like batter.

Shake Shake Crispy Pork 4.5/5

Deep-fried to tender is the Shake Shake Crispy Pork ($10). Give the crispy pork a good shake in the shaker tub, giving each piece a good coating of the salt and pepper seasoning. Be warned, this is extremely addictive.

BBQ Canadian Oyster with Garlic 3.5/5

The BBQ Canadian Oyster with Garlic ($32 for 6pc) is delivered daily to the restaurant. The plump oysters are roasted over hot coals, drizzled with housemade sauce of garlic, chilli and chopped spring onions. They can be served fresh too.

Stewed Spicy Beef Pot & Golden Chicken Pot

Tong Xin Ru Yi offers a repertoire of soup bases, and we tried the Stewed Spicy Beef Pot ($48) and Golden Chicken Soup ($68). The stewed spicy beef pot features a savoury trilogy of fork-tender braised beef meat chunks, soft beef tendons and chewy beef backstraps. There are also deep-fried golden tofu cubes and radish in the spicy and piquant soup laden with Sichuan peppercorns, chilli slices, traditional herbs and spices.


As for the golden chicken soup, it consists of a harmonious blend of nourishing chicken broth and sweet golden pumpkin. It the golden broth, there are black fungus, yam, konjac, pineapple chunks, sliced cucumber, brown shimeiji mushrooms and pumpkin. Other signature soups include Golden Frog Soup, Catfish with Spicy Soup, Fish with Pickled Cabbage Soup, Pickled Cabbage with Pork Rib Soup and Tomato with Oxtail Soup. There are also vegetarian soup bases such as the Vegetarian Spicy Soup and Corn with Tomato Soup.

Beef Tong, Eight-Second Beef (New Zealand), Premium Chef-sliced Beef Shin (Australia)

Apart from the bountiful selection of the usual meats, seafood, mushrooms and leafy greens and noodles, Tong Xin Ru Yi offers several unique and premium ingredients on the menu from all over the world. Take for example, the premium beef selection of Beef Tongue, Premium Chef-sliced Beef Shin (Australia), Eight-Second Beef (New Zealand) and Spicy Beef Cubes (USA).

Spicy Beef Cube

The Beef Tongue Slices ($22) which are rolled into a rose, has a delightful crunchy texture. The Premium Eight Second Beef ($24) is delivered weekly with limited portions. It is best to savour by cooking it for 8 seconds in the hotpot, to appreciate the well-marbled meat. Go for the Premium Chef-Sliced Beef Shin ($28) if you prefer something that is well-marbled and at the same time has a substantial bite to it. As for the Spicy Beef Cubes ($16), it is a popular item from Sichuan marinated in picante sauce and dusted with chilli flakes.

Hand-Cut Mutton (New Zealand)

Pork Belly

Besides the selection of beef cuts, other meat selections such as Hand Cut Mutton (New Zealand) and Pork Belly are available too.

Sliced Black Bone Chicken

What is really intriguing is the Sliced Black Bone Chicken ($20). I have never seen a black bone chicken, but I didn't know the meat is black too. It tastes slightly sweeter than the usual chicken meat and boasts a chock full of antioxidants.


Another interesting ingredient not commonly sight at hotpot restaurant is the Gracilaria (龙须菜), specially sourced and imported for local diners. It looks and tastes like seaweed, and has a unique crunchy texture.


Great news for diners as Tong Xin Ru Yi is offering 1-For-1 US Premium Beef and/or Japanese Black Pork until 14 September 2019. You get to also enjoy 2 Soups for the price 1, for selected soup bases. On top of that, simply share photographs of your meal on facebook and Instagram, tag @tongxinruyi and hashtag #tongxinruyi #tongxinruyisg to enjoy 12% off all hotpot ingredients upon payment.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot
6 Lorong Telok
Singapore 049019
Tel: 65368058
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay (NE Line), Raffles Place (EW Line, NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 11am - 1030pm
Sat-Sun: 12pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Clarke Quay MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk towards the junction of North Canal Road and South Bridge Road. Cross the junction and continue on North Canal Road. Walk along the shophouses along North Canal Road. Look out for an alley and turn left into it. Look for the entrance to the building and take the lift to level 2. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Raffles Place MRT station. Take Exit G. Walk towards North Canal Road. Continue on North Canal Road. Walk along the shophouses along North Canal Road. Look out for an alley and turn right into it. Look for the entrance to the building and take the lift to level 2. Journey time about 12 minutes. [Map]

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