Monday, March 5, 2018

Tian Tian Xiang Claypot Rice (天天香砂煲饭) @ Aljunied Ave 2 - The Claypot Rice Comes With Salted Egg Yolk


Recently I came across Tian Tian Xiang Claypot Rice (天天香砂煲饭), located inside a coffeeshop at Aljunied Ave 2. I was there during dinner time and basically every table at the coffeeshop is having the claypot rice. It aroused my interests when I see so many people ordering the same thing. The next moment I am at the table waiting for my claypot rice to be served.

Claypot Rice 4/5

The Claypot Rice comes in 4 pricing - $6 (1 pax), $12 (2 pax), $16 (3 pax) and $22 (4 pax or more). The different pricing caters for different dining group. Besides the tender chicken pieces, slices of Chinese sausages and crunchy vegetables, I was surprised to find salted egg yolk among the fluffy rice. I have never seen it elsewhere. Do note, there is no salted egg yolk for individual portion.


Usually when I have claypot rice, I would like to separate the chicken pieces before pouring the dark sauce into the rice and mixed everything up, so that each grain is coated with the dark sauce. During the mixing process, I also like to scrape the base of the claypot to mix the charred rice with the fluffy rice. This ensures each mouthful comes with the charred crispiness.


Another star at Tian Tian Xiang Claypot Rice is their Sambal Chilli. The sambal chilli is really spicy and will send you breathing fire. It really has that fiery kick but its damn shiok.

Chicken Feet and Peanut Soup 4/5

Besides the claypot rice, you can also order a bowl of soup to go with the rice. I had the Chicken Feet and Peanut Soup. A sip of the soup and  you can taste that it has been boiled of hours, extracting the goodness of the ingredients, flavouring the delicious soup.


Tian Tian Xiang Claypot Rice (天天香砂煲饭)
Blk 119 Aljunied Ave 2
Singapore 380119
Tel: +65 67440158
Nearest MRT:

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu, Sat-Sun: 10am - 10pm
(Closed on Fri)

1) Alight at Aljunied MRT station. Take Exit B. Turn left and walk towards Aljunied Road. Take the overhead bridge. Cross the road and walk to bus stop opposite Aljunied MRT station (Stop ID 81081). Take bus number 80. Alight 2 stops later. Cut through the housing estate and walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]

 2) Alight at Aljunied MRT station. Take Exit B. Turn right and walk to Geylang East Ave 1. On Geylang East Ave 1, turn left and continue to the end of the road. Cross the road and continue on Aljunied Crescent. Walk down Aljunied Crescent and turn right onto Aljunied Ave 2. Walk to destination. Journey time about 15 minutes. [Map]

3) Alight at Paya Lebar MRT station. Take Exit C. Walk to bus stop at Paya Lebar MRT station (Stop ID 81119). Take bus number 134 or 155. Alight 2 stops later. Cross the road. Cut through the housing estate and walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]

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