Thursday, July 7, 2016

ButterTrade - The Marketplace To Get A Cake From Boutique Bakeries


Have you heard about it? A new online marketplace for boutique bakeries has been launched. ButterTrade is your to go place online that offers a complete solution for cake buying. It has created a simple way to connect boutique bakers with the customers. It makes it easy for everyone to get good cakes.

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When you log on to ButterTrade ( and order a cake. Buttertrade works with the bakery to hand-make and deliver the cake right to where the customer wants it. There is even a reward system whereby customer earns a rebate of 3% of their purchases and these rebates can be used to redeem a free cake. For pet lovers, Buttertrade even has a dedicated section for your four-legged furry friends.


To try out the website, I got the new miniature cake from A. Han Bakes. It is a sleek and elegant cake suitable for intimate celebrations with the loved ones and friends. The cake is creamed with various hues of your favourite colour with a simple topper (of choice). It comes with triple chocolate or matcha black sesame.


Promotion with ButterTrade and A. Han Bakes

Thanks to ButterTrade (, it is giving 30% off all cakes order from A. Han Bakes for weekdays delivery. To enjoy the promotion, use the promotion code - 30%offwithsgfoodonfoot. This is valid unitl 31 July 2016.

Terms and conditions
- Order via ButterTrade (
- Use Promo code- 30%offwithsgfoodonfoot
- 30% off all cakes from A. Han Bakes for weekdays delivery ONLY
- Expiry date: 31 July 2016
- Buttertrade reserves the right of final decision.


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