Sunday, March 27, 2016

Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake @ Bedok Hawker Centre


One of stalls at Bedok Hawker Centre that always has a queue is Song Zhou Fried Carrot. I heard so much about their black carrot cakes. Thank goodness the renovation work has finally completed and I was able to head down to Bedok to try the black carrot cake which has received raving reviews from fellow foodies.

Black Fried Carrot Cake 4.5/5

While Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake does both the white and black carrot cakes, it is their Black Fried Carrot Cake ($3) that has managed to satisfy many of the toughest tongue in Singapore. The combination of the sweet black sauce, fish sauce, soft radish cake, garlic, egg and chye poh under the experience frying skill of the stall owner, made this a delicious plate of black gold.

Black Fried Carrot Cake 4.5/5

The radish cake is cut into small cubes which allows easy consumption. It also allows the black sauce to coat the radish cake evenly. The fried garlic, eggs, caramelized edges of the carrot cake and chye poh further enhanced the whole flavour of the fried carrot cake.

After trying Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake for myself, I have to agreed with my fellow foodies of their reviews. Indeed Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake is one of the best in Singapore. I look forward to try their white carrot cake to make further comparison in the future.

Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake
208B New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 462208
Nearest MRT: Bedok (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 630am - 8pm
(Closed on Sun)

1) Alight at Bedok MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk straight down New Upper Changi Road. Walk to destination. [Map]


  1. The black versions of Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake is indeed very good, esp if done by the original male owner (not his female assistants). But, my personal favourite is an un-discovered gem at Taman Jurong Food Centre – Lim Kee, #02-105 (Opens daily from 6am to 12pm). The white-haired aunty is one of the earliest street hawkers relocated to the defunt Corporation Drive Food Centre; a true heritage hawker. Her black carrot cake is a fine balance of savoury-sweetness with good wok hei. Lots of yummy charred crispy bits. Lim Kee is an excellent choice for lovers of sweet black carrot cake.