Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014

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My partner in crime Maureen aka MissTamChiak approached me to help her out in this year Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 with less than three months to put everything together. I have organised Hawker Food Trails with her, a dinner makan session for 60 people but nothing at this big scale. It was a tall task and time was not in favour to us. We also rooted in Ian aka TheSilverChef who willingly sacrificed his time to assist us and more importantly for the needy and disadvantaged under the care of Touch Community Services. As time was against us, many times the three of us have to take leaves and burnt our weekends to ensure everything is ready by the big day on 22 November 2014. I remembered Maureen telling me this, "I see you more than my fiance".


It was a challenge and journey that I do not regretted. I have learnt a lot from this hawkers and I am glad I am given the opportunity to do so. I sincerely like to thank each and every hawkers and chefs who sacrifice their time and some even a day's earning to raise fund for the beneficiaries under the care of Touch Community Services.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are all my heroes.

Lionel from Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh and Pek Sin Choon
Kenry from Pek Sin Choon
Grace & Shirley from Chey Sua
Kelvin, SK and team from Tenderfresh
Ah Boon from Good Chance Popiah
Tony Tee and the ultimate croc team from Crocodile King
Douglas from Fishball Story
Jemmy & Jimmyfrom Food Glossary
Adrian & Wee from Old Bibik
Gerald & Julyn from Penang Kia
Shen Tan & Hiok Kitchen from Madam Tan Nasi Lemak
Guna from Springleaf Prata Place
Mdm Foo & Ms Loi from Tian Tian Chicken Rice
Chef Eric Neo from InterContinental
Chef Tan Yong Hua from Restaurant HOME
Chef Melvin & Rae from Ramada and Days Inn
Jome from City Satay Bee Hoon
Uncle Kun from Genshu
Kingsley from King's Roast
Jason and Benson from Onaka
Ewan from Jin Jin Dessert
Boon Leng fro Hock Kee Bird's Nest
The team from Mr Bean
Gavan from Lek Lim Cake Confectionery
Richard from Teochew Handmade Pau


You may laugh at us if I told you that both Maureen and me have nightmares leading up to the actual day. We dreamt that no one turns up for the event. It was only on 22 November 2014 when the door of the Suntec Exhibition & Convention Hall 401-402 opened and we saw the crowd streaming in that the three of us felt relief. This could not have been possible with all the help from the media and blogger friends. Thank you so much for the publicity and shout out on the main stream media and various social platforms.

Special thanks to KF Seetoh for writing an article and spreading the words. Thank you Tony and SiHan for all the blog posts. Thank you Leslie for sharing the event on your facebook. Last but not least, all the wonderful friends that came down to support the hawkers.


I also like to extend our sincere thanks to GoGoVan for the transportation, TMC Academy & ITE for the volunteers, volunteers from Touch Community Services, Stewards Solution for the equipment and Sitong for the beautiful songs to entertain the crowd. The whole event will not be possible with each and everyone of you playing a part in it. THANK YOU ALL.

*All photo credit: misstamchiak.com