Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 @ Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401 & 402


Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 will be back for the third year on 22 November 2014 at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401 and 402 from 11am to 5pm. More than 20 hawkers will be gathered at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre to raise money for the beneficiaries under the care of Touch Community Services.


In the past 2 years, the ultimate factor brought together our hawker heroes to produce version of their hawker dishes using some of the most premium and exceptional ingredients to bolster their dishes. This year together with Maureen ( and Ian (, we have handpicked and curated the hawkers for this year's fund raising events for the needy and disadvantaged.


The "Ultimate" element will also be not restricted to using premium or exceptional ingredients. This year the ultimate aspect will include the essence and authenticity of our classic hawker/street food. With the new concept, we present to you three Ultimate Food Zones.

1. “Ultimate Original Recipe” - celebrates the heritage of pioneer generation hawkers through stalls helmed by chefs from the second, third and fourth generations of famous hawkers.

 2.“Ultimate Pursuit of Happiness” - celebrates the enterprising spirit of budding chefs and hawkers by featuring individuals who left their jobs in other sectors to pursue their passion in the hawker industry.

 3. “Ultimate Ingredients” - features hawkers who have added special ingredients to conventional hawker fares to create dishes that are truly a league of its own!

Details of the hawkers and menus can be found at


The three of us have been going around inviting our hawker heroes to take in this year fund raising event. This is not one easy task as we have talked to almost 100 hawkers but the most common rejection is no manpower. It is understandable and they also need to make a living from their little stall. Nevertheless, we are proud and delighted to have over 20 hawker heroes sacrificing their time to do a part for charity. On 22 November 2014 from 11am to 5pm, Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401 & 402 will be transformed into the Ultimate Hawker Centre where one can savour all these delicious local hawker food while at the same time helping the needy and disadvantaged.


To find out more about the hawkers and dishes in this year Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 which has been picked and curated by us as well as the details of coupon purchase and donation online , you can visit


Guest of Honor, Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for Defence will be gracing the event too on 22 November 2014.


As per the previous years, tickets will be pre sold as coupons which can be used to purchase the food items at the event. All the proceeds will be going towards charity, so that alone is a good enough reason for everyone to come down on that day to partake in the activities.

So do mark the date 22 November 2014, 11am to 5pm at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401 and 402 and come down to support the hawker heroes and us. Let us all play a part for the needy and disadvantaged. Hope to see you there on 22 November 2014.

Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014
Date: 22 November 2014
Venue: Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401 and 402
Time: 11am to 5pm

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