Thursday, August 21, 2014

Peony Jade Mooncakes 2014


To celebrate the abundance and togetherness of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Peony Jade's culinary team presents a range of mooncakes that display both a great respect for tradition and an enthusiastic nod to the future. Each mooncake is made to the chef's exacting standards and features a fusion of top drawer ingredients with superb craftsmanship. These are all made fresh daily with no artificial flavourings, stabilisers or preservatives. A true commitment to quality and excellence.


Matching the traditional baked mooncakes is an elegantly designed orangey red box with an oriental fan in the centre. I have been a fan of Peony Jade's signature flaky skin Teochew 'Orh Ni' Mooncake with Premium Fragrant Golden Pumpkin and Single Egg Yolk ($33 for 2pc / $59 for 4pc). The air lightness flaky pastry skin and the dense creamy yam filling is one of the best in town.


I am old school and I love my baked mooncakes more than snowskins. At Peony Jade, one can enjoy these traditional bakes with less sugar, allowing one to indulge with less guilt. Peony Jade's rendition includes Low Sugar Baked Mooncake with Premium Mother of Pearl White Lotus Paste & Single Yolk ($35 for 2pc/ $59 for 4pc), Baked Mooncake with Premium Jin Hua Ham and Assorted Nuts ($34 for 2pc/ $60 for 4pc) and Premium Mother of Pearl White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts & Double Yolk ($35 for 2pc/ $62 for 4pc).


For the snowskin mooncakes, the gift box is a rich hues of turquoise lacquer complemented by black trimmings.


If you are a fan of snowskin mooncakes, not to be missed is the Peony Jade's 4 Heavenly Flavours ($64 for 4 pieces), featuring Top Grade Pure Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake in Organic Pandan Snowskin, Snowskin Kochi Yuzu & Apple Cream Cheese Mooncake, Snowskin Soursop Mooncake and Snowskin Premium Cempedak Mooncake.


Peony Jade also introduces 5 new flavours this year. They are Black Thorn Durian Nyonya Mooncake in Coconut Mini Snowskin ($76 for 8pc), Mini Snowskin Fragrant Honey William Pears, Organic Apricot and Raspberry Mooncake ($49 for 8pc), Mini Snowskin Teochew Orh Ni Pumpkin with Coconut Truffle Mooncake ($62 for 8pc), Mini Snowskin Chocolate Salted Caramel Glaze Banana and Walnuts Mooncake ($49 for 8pc) and Mini Snowskin Silver Lotus Paste with Gui Hua Cassia Flowers and Melon Seeds Mooncake ($58 for 8pc)

15 July to 28 Aug 2014
Online purchase: and

15 July to 8 September 2014
Onsite purchase at Peony Jade Restaurants

7 August to 8 September 2014
Onsite purchase at 14 roadshows. Info from their website.

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