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Gyoza-ya (饺子屋) @ Robinsons Orchard


Gyoza-Ya, the latest concept by the Akashi Group is casual dining restaurant located at the basement of the new Robinsons Orchard (formerly Heeren Mall). As the name suggests, it is a house of gyoza starring a few varieties of gyoza dishes, pan fried and boiled. Thought it is not the first gyoza specialty restaurant, it is the first to introduce the Jya Jya Men in Singapore. I was once told that to ensure the quality of the food, a menu of a restaurant is best to keep within a page. I apply this principle every now and then before I patronize a new dining place. I am please to see that Gyoza-Ya managed to keep their menu simple, serving 3 basic varieties of gyoza plus a few other side dishes and beverages for a complete meal.

Morokyu 4.5/5

For a light start, I had Morokyu ($3.80), a chilled cucumber with barley miso paste and Nasu Miso Gake ($4.80), a grilled eggplant with sweet miso. Most small specialty restaurants tend to serve mediocre and common side dishes but these 2 dishes totally took me by surprise. The savoury and flavourful miso complemented the dishes really well, teasing out the natural sweetness of the vegetables. Both side dishes were served chilled hence extremely refreshing and appetizing at the same time.

Nasu Miso Gake 4.5/5

Next came the star dishes, Jya Jya Men, Yaki Gyoza and Sui Gyoza. I started off with the Jya Jya Men first. Unlike the usual Zha Jiang Mian which normally comes with a huge portion of noodles but much less minced pork sauce and cucumber, the Japanese noodles was served in a much smaller bowl but filled with generous servicing of sliced cucumber and spring onions. On the table, there is a card to explain to you the unique way to eat the jya jya men in order to appreciate its taste fully.

Jya Jya Men 4.2/5

I was quite eager to tuck in, being my first time to try a Japanese Jya Jya Men ($6.50). However, the taste kind of fell flat. I could not exactly pinpoint it but I supposed it was because the sliced cucumber failed to stay crunchy and refreshing under the heat of the noodles. When I was almost done with my noodles, a piping hot broth was then poured into my bowl for me. I was then told to crack an egg, add additional sesame miso paste, stirred and drink it to clear my palate before moving on to the next dish. It did the trick indeed!

Sui Gyoza with Prawn 3/5

I then moved on to the Sui Gyoza with Prawn ($5.80), boiled Ebi dumplings drizzled with miso. Not common to see gyoza in such a big portion. To hold the generous portion of meat, the skin is much thicker than usual. As I tried to lift the gyoza off my spoon with my chopsticks, it broke into half. I was rather disappointed with the taste and texture. It was mushy and overly seasoned. I could not taste the sweetness of the prawns at all.

Yaki Gyoza with Pork 4.2/5

The Yaki Gyoza with Pork ($4.80), pan fried pork dumplings fared so much better. I could taste the sweetness of the pork and the cabbage added crunch to it. Juicy meat wrapped within the crispy skin, this is how gyoza should be. Being a lady, the huge gyoza was a little too heavy for me. I was already feeling quite full in my third piece.

Soboro Ankake Tofu 4/5

Along with the gyoza, I also had the Soboro Anakake Tofu ($4.80). The topping is actually made of both beef and salmon, a rather unusual combination. The beef did not overpower the salmon at all and the tofu remained crispy on the outside while tender inside.

Garlic Fried Rice 4.2/5

My last two dishes were the fried rice. Garlic Fried Rice ($5.80) and Seafood Fried Rice ($5.80). After trying both, I felt there 2 dishes are the must have. Seeing how the grains of stir fried grlic sparkled on the fried rice, I knew it would taste good. The seafood fried rice was on par. Chunks of prawns, mixed vegetables and the eggs making every bite so satisfying and wholesome.

Seafood Fried Rice 4.2/5

Given its prime location and its extremely affordable pricing, mostly under five dollars, this place is a great for gatherings where friends can have a hearty meal and without much hassles and burning a hole in their pockets. Buddies can also sit around their kitchen on their specially designed bar seats and tuck into the food over beers. It is definitely a place worth checking out.

Written By Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. 

Gyoza-ya (饺子屋)
Robinsons Orchard
260 Orchard Road
Singapore 238855
Tel: +65 67375581
Nearest MRT: Somerset (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 10pm

1) Alight at Somerset MRT station. Take Exit B. Get to the main street. Walk to the junction of Orchard Road and Grange Road. Cross the traffic junction to Robinsons Orchard. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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