Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jai Thai Restaurant @ Clover Way


I was at Jalan Pemimpin, Tat Ann Building looking at some furniture that I remembered there is a Jai Thai restaurant just around the block at Clover Way. It was not a difficult decision since it was just around the corner and I have tried the food at Jai Thai East Coast Road before. The wallet friendly restaurant was not opened yet when I reached the place. Count myself lucky to be early. Once the clock strikes six, customers started streaming in and within minutes the restaurant was full.

Mango Salad 4/5

The Mango Salad ($6/$9/$12) is a good starter to whet up the appetite bursting with all the different flavours on a single plate. The peanuts and cashew nuts added extra crunch to the salad.

Tom Yam Seafood Clear Soup 3.5/5

The last time I dine at Jai Thai Restauant was around 2 years ago. I had the Tom Yam Seafood Clear Soup ($6/$9/$12), the same dish I ordered back then. I remembered that there was more seafood and they did not use fried fish but fresh fish instead. I was a bit disappointed and the price has also increased.

Steamed Tofu with Chicken Basil 4.5/5

I also ordered the same dish, Steamed Tofu with Chicken Basil ($7) back then. It has increased by a dollar and I am glad that the standard has not dropped. The combination of steamed tofu and delectable minced chicken infused with the basil flavour goes very well with a bowlof rice.

Olive Rice 4/5

Most customers usually will order pineapple rice at Thai restaurant but my preference is always the Olive Rice ($5/$7/$10). I find them more fragrant and flavourful compared to pineapple rice.

Red Curry Beef 3.8/5

Instead of the usual green curry chicken, I tried the Red Curry Beef ($6/$9/$12) for a change. Except that it is red in colour, similar to green curry, it is on the sweet side instead of being spicy. The beef is pretty tender although we can't expect the restaurant to be servicing premium cut.

Overall the food at Jai Thai is decent and with it wallet friendly price point. Judging from full house restaurant and long queue waiting for a seat, it remembers me that it is very subjective to judge food as long as the diners enjoyed it. It is quite similar to individual's interpretation of happiness.

Jai Thai Restaurant
7 Clove Way
Singapore 579080
Tel: +65 62580228
Nearest MRT: Marymount (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 9pm
Fri-Sun, PH: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm

1) Alight at Marymount MRT station. Take Exit B. Cross the road onto Jalan Pemimpin. Continue straight on Jalan Pemimpin and turn right onto Clove Way. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

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  1. Wow . . . You post is really so delicious and informative. I am currently planning for a long Asia trip including major tourist cities in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore as well. I am big fan Thai food and will definitely try to visit Jai restaurant. Thanks for the post.