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White Rose Cafe @ York Hotel


Mention York Hotel, most will associate it with their wildly popular and successful Penang Hawkers' Fare promotion for the past 27 years. As part of the culinary initiative to celebrate the culture and heritage of popular Singaporean cuisine, York Hotel's White Rose Cafe presents Treasured Flavours of Singapore menu featuring all time favourite Singapore specialty dishes. The highlight of the new menu is a selection of specialties inspired by the repertoire formerly served at the now defunct Soon Heng Restaurant; one of Singapore's oldest home style family restaurants. Recreating the lost flavours is Executive Chef Charlie Tham who started his career at Chin Wah Heng which was later renamed Soon Heng Restaurant. York Hotel has also rooted in Chef Jordan Liang formerly from Soon Heng Restaurant to assist the kitchen team.

Fish Head Curry 3.8/5

The Fish Head Curry ($28 for half / $42 for whole) is prepared accordingly to the well guarded recipe from Soon Heng Restaurant dating from 1970s, touted as the creator of the Singaporean Chinese style fish head curry. The red snapper fish head is first steamed and then cooked in a mildly spiced assam or tamarind based curry sauce together with tomatoes lady fingers, sliced onions and fresh chillies. The fish is cooked perfectly, firm and moist with a delectable sweetness of the flesh. However  I felt that the spicy level can raise a couple of notches more. I did not find it spicy at all.

Sambal King Prawns 3.8/5

Who can resist this huge king prawns coated with fiery looking sambal? The Sambal King Prawns ($8 per pc) was fresh and bursting with the prawn's sweetness. Sad to say the sambal did not mange to excite my taste buds, it lacked that pungent aroma and spiciness that will give me an avalanche rush for water.

Black Ink Sotong 4.5/5

The Black Ink Sotong ($12) definitely triggered a lot of childhood memories for me. This traditional kampong or home style dish was one of my favourite dish during my childhood. Whenever my mum cooked it, I will drench my own plate of rice with the black squid ink. The fresh squids are first poached and then simmered tilled tender in a delicious smoky spicy squid ink gravy comprising a proprietary mix of fresh green and red chillies, onions and garlic.

Deep Fried Curry Chicken Wings 3/5

The Deep Fried Curry Chicken Wings ($8) was fried to a nice golden brown and came with a crackling crisp skin. However the deep fried curry chicken wings were lacking in the curry flavours.

Crab Masala 3.8/5

Incorporating Indian flavour to the crab dish, the fresh handpicked crab is stir fried and then simmered in a robust masala sauce which matched perfectly with the sweetness of the crab meat. A nice alternative for crab lovers. The Crab Masala ($32) offers a tantalising alternative to the usual.

Chicken Masala 4/5

Packed with aromatic homemade masala spice blend of various spices such as cinnamon cardamom, cloves and fennel seeds, the classic rendition of the Chicken Masala ($12) was mouth watering with tender chicken.

Chap Chye 4.2/5

I was privilege to learn that there are 3 types of Chap Chye. What we are having is the Nonya style Chap Chye ($8) in a savoury soybean paste sauce consisting of cabbage, black fungus, dried lily flowers, glass vermicelli and dried beancurd skin.

Sambal Kang Kong 3/5

The Sambal Kang Kong ($8) was stir fried to a nice crunchy bite but it was lacking that fiery factor that is more suitable for the local palate.

The Treasured Flavours of Singapore nostalgic flavours is like taking a tasty trip down memory lane. The new menu encompasses over 20 tantalising dishes with many of which are familiar favourites adapted from foods of different ethnic groups. Available for dine in and takeaway, the Treasured Flavours of Singapore menu currently needs one day's advance order to ensure freshness of the ingredients required for the dishes.

White Rose Cafe
York Hotel
21 Mount Elizabeth
Singapore 228516
Tel: +65 68301156
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
All day dining: 6am - 1am
Treasured Flavours of Singapore: 1130am - 1030pm (call one day in advance to order)

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk down Scotts Road towards Goodwood Park Hotel. At Goodwood Park, turn right and walk to the end of the carpark. Journey time about 10 minutes.

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