Monday, December 24, 2012

Rubato Modern Italian Trattoria @ Clover Way


Rubato Modern Italian Trattoria is hidden in the midst of industrial buildings at Jalan Pemimpin. Tucked among the shophouses at Clover Park neighbourhood, I am surprised to discover a hidden gem. During my visit, I noticed the secret Italian restaurant already has repeated regulars. The restaurant is also favourite for local celebrities looking for a place to host private functions. I am privileged to be invited by the restaurant to try out their 4 course festive dinner menu available till end of December 2012.


Stepping into the back of Rubato, the restaurant's al fresco dining area transformed one into the street of Italy with black street lamps along the courtyards.


Chef/Owner Marcus Edwin Wu is very passionate in his food. He is probably one of the youngest chef in Singapore cooking traditioanl Italian food. In between dinner servicing, I noticed him taking time to step out of the kitchen to mingle with his customers, sharing his latest food adventures. Chef Marcus is also a trained violinist under the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) concert master Alexander Souptel. The multi talented chef even has a scholarship to study law in Australia. That is when he was plugged into food culture in Australia and working as a sous chef in an Italian restaurant.

Burratina Con Pomodorini E Basilico 4.2/5

The 4 course dinner started with freshly imported burratina from Puglia, roma tomato, organic basil and artisanal-grade parma ham. The creamy buttery burratina paired with sweet roma tomato and salty parma ham were nicely balanced without snatching the limelight from one another.

Aragosta Cappuccino 4.5/5

For soup, I had the lobster cappuccino with asparagus silvers, truffle oil and pizzetta. The lobster reduction simply blown me away with its intense and robust flavours.

Veal Ravioli with Truffle Porcini Sauce 4.8/5

The star of the night definitely is the Veal Ravioli with Truffle Porcini sauce which brought fame to the restaurant. According to Chef/Owner Marcus Edwin Wu, the dish was inspired by Joel Robuchon's Foie Gras Ravioli and he created a variation of it. The handmade veal ravioli was cooked to perfection still having a bite to the pasta dough. The deft piece of work with the flavourful truffle porcini sauce was like a match from heaven.

Torta Di Cioccolato Fondente 4.2/5

Finishing the 4 course dinner on a perfect note with the valrhona bittersweet chocolate fondant with home-made vanilla gelato. The chocolate fondant was rich and moist which hit the right note for the perfect ending.

I have enjoyed my dinner at Rubato. Besides the quality food, the ambience is relax and casual. The restaurant also has a good selection of boutique vineyard wines that is personally selected by chef Marcus in his travels. I am already looking forward to my next visit

Rubato Modern Italian Trattoria
3 Clover Way
Singapore 579078
Tel: +65 62523200
Nearest MRT: Marymount (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 230pm, 6pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Marymount MRT station. Take Exit B. Cross the traffic light junction to Jalan Pemimpin. Proceed down Jalan Peminpin and left right onto Clover Way. Journey time about 8 minutes.


  1. The staff here are very pushy

    1. Pushy as in? The choice is in the customer.

    2. I guess you didn't experience because you were invited by the owner. The staff asked us to order from the day's special, we didn't , staff kept promoting. We stick with our choice of carbonara but was later informed that it was not available. We have started on the calamari and didn't want to spoil the dinner so turned to the day's special. Yes, choice is in the customer but the circumstance was set up to pressurise the customers.

    3. You can also read the expert's review on hungrygowhere

    4. oic. sorry to hear your experience. It is unfortune cos the restaurant's food is good.

    5. It was difficult to communicate with the manager or whoever the waiter told us was the manager as all the service staff seem to have limited command of English. The service was very patronising and they behaved as if they were all one track minded. We emailed the owner 's email found on the restaurant Facebook and there wasn't any reply since July. Very unfortunate indeed. Since you know the owner, can you help us to tell him please? It was the worst dining experience we ever had in Singapore and it's not the food at all. Also, we disagree with the no tap water policy of this place.

    6. I remembered the restaurant does serve tap water. I am really sorry to hear your experience once again. During my visit, the place was almost 80% full and I did not notice any of the service staff has problem communicating and they were not pushy. I am not sure but maybe they did take your feedback postively and improved. Will inform the PR to take note of your comment on my blog.

  2. wow, the food looks good. Presentation too! Appetising!

    1. I enjoyed the food there but price can be a bit ex for that area.