Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery @ Bedok North Street 4


Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery is a traditional shop located at block 84 Bedok North facing the public carpark just behind the famous block 85 Bak Chor Mee at FengShan food centre. From its home based business in 1968 it has moved to its current location in 1987 when the business picked up. It is heartened to still see traditional shop like this painstakingly doing hand made delectable traditional kuehs. Besides selling their kuehs to the general public, Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery also supplies them to hotels and catering companies.


The owner Gavan is very kind to allow us into the kitchen to have some hands on sessions making our own Ang Ku Kueh ($0.50/pc). It is also known as red tortoise cake because it looks like a tortoise shell while red is auspicious for Chinese and tortoise represents longevity. This is usually eaten during religious offering or our baby's one month birthday celebration.

Pulut Inti

Pulut Inti 4/5

Nowadays Pulut Inti ($0.50/pc) commonly comes in plastic wrap but Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery persists to upkeep the tradition and wrapped them in banana leave. I also got to try wrapping them and it was not as easy as it seen. A very delectable snack with caramelised grated coconut sitting on top of the blueish glutinous rice. The blue colouring of the glutinous rice is made from the clitoria flower.

Ku Cai Kueh 4.2/5

While I was there, I noticed 2 workers tirelessly making kuehs throughout my visit. They were making Ku Cai Kueh ($0.70/pc), Soon Kueh ($0.70/pc)and Peng Kueh ($0.80/pc) fresh on the spot. I simply adored the smooth crystal clear skin of the Ku Cai Kueh and Soon Kueh. They were one of the best I have tried.

Steamed Yam Cake 4/5 

Fried Yam Cake 4.2/5

Yam Cake is another favourite of mine that I will order whenever I have dim sum. At Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery, both the Steamed Yam Cake ($0.80/pc)and Fried Yam Cake ($0.80/pc) comes with delectable chunky yam bites, fragrant mushrooms and dried shrimps.

Mini Huat Kueh 3.8/5

These traditional colourful mini Huat Kueh will be attractive to children instead of those tradition bigger one that is usually used for religious offering.

Kotoh Ubi 4/5

Besides the traditional Chinese kuehs and cakes, Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery also makes their own Nonya Kueh. This is my first time to come across the uncommon Kotob Ubi ($1.20/pkt). Made of mashed tapioca and caramelised grated coconut, the gula melaka is the star as the tapioca and grated coconut was quite bland in nature.

Kueh Kao Swee 3.8/5

Kueh Kao Swee ($1.20/pkt) is steamed rice pudding rolled in grated coconut. It is a bit boring to be eating it alone without any sauce. I usually have them with gula melaka.

Oneh Oneh 3.8/5

The Oneh Oneh ($1.20/pkt) although was huge the proportion of skin and filling was quite balanced. The disappointment was the lacking of the squirting surprise of gula melaka when biting into it.

Bengka Ubi 4/5

Another version of the mashed tapioca, Bengka Ubi ($1.20/pkt) is baked rather than steamed. The springy and chewy texture was very enjoyable.

Kueh Lapi 3.8/5

This rainbow colour Kueh Lapi ($1.20/pkt) brings back a lot of childhood memories. I usually had it for breakfast and like to dissect it layer by layer.

Kueh Salat 4/5

I guess this is probably one of the more popular Nonya kuehs that everyone is familiar with as it is often available on most buffet spreads. Kueh Salat ($1.20/pkt) is made up of a layer of glutinous rice and kaya custard with a hint of pandan leaves fragrant.

Ubi Kayu 4/5

Another version of the tapioca kueh rolled in grated coconut, Ubi Kayu ($1.20/pkt) was a delish snack that you can't help going back for more.

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery has been working behind the scene supplying hotels and catering companies with their high quality handmade kuehs. Knowing who is the supplier, I would probably go to them directly in my next purchase. I was checking out their facebook page the other day and I realized they also sells kueh party sets similar to Sakae Sushi type. How cool is it? I probably would get one for my next gathering.

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery
Blk 84 Bedok North Street 4
Singapore 460084
Tel: +65 64490815
Nearest MRT: Bedok (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 4am - 6pm
Sun: 4am - 2pm

1) Alight at Bedok MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to Bedok bus interchange. Take bus number 14 or 222 and alight 4 stops later. Journey time about 15 minutes.


  1. kueh kosui is eaten with grated coconut. kueh lopez is the one eaten with gula melaka. :P

  2. wow! i love all these!! one day I will visit this lek lim! :) I wasn't able to find this when we visited Singapore last year..but thanks to restaurant-match for assisting us in finding great deals! :)

    1. You are welcome. Enjoy your next visit to Singapore

  3. seriously, your english is just awful - ' lack of squirting surprise"???? please try to brush up your english before you dare to use it in e public domain

    1. Thank you for your feedback. This is my personal blog and I welcome you to have your opinions.

  4. Hi derrick, thanks for the kind review and glad that u had fun during the hands on session. so u now have a new badge to show "I made my own Ang ku kueh, have u?"

    1. haha not until I know the secret recipe behind the dough.

  5. Hi. A friend shared this post on fb yesterday and j went today. Like to say thanks for putting up the post in the first place.
    Anyway, they accept only cash and the pulut Inti is 60c. But more importantly, its halal certified.

    1. Hi Nor, thanks for the update as well as taking the time to leave a comment. It is very encouraging. As the post is written in 2012, they probably have increased the price. Great that they are halal certified, meaning more people can enjoy their good food.