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Bornga @ The Star Vista


The brain child of celebrity Chef Jong Won Paik, Bornga is established in 2002 in Korea. Famed for numerous patented under his belt, Woo Samgyup is one of his original creations offered at Bornga. Bornga has 46 outlets internationally, including 33 in Korea and 13 across China, United States, Indonesia and now Singapore. Opened at Star Vista in November 2012, Bornga adds to the growing Korean BBQ-dinning scene in Singapore.


A long tray of fresh raw vegetables is served at Bornga when you dine you. I actually adore the idea instead of repeat request for refilling. Interesting fact that even the long tray is patented.


Like all Korean restaurants, side dishes are served.


Samgyupsal 4.2/5

If you noticed, the meat at Bornga is in its natural colour without any pre-marination causing the colour of the meat to be dark brown or black. Concerned about the appearance of Korean BBQ meats, Chef Paik created a new Korean style of BBQ while keeping the natural colour and taste of meats. The Samgyupsal or Grilled Pork Belly ($18) is chosen for the right proportion of fat and meat. Surprisingly the grilled pork belly tasted as good or even much better in its natural flavour without marination.

Woo Samgyup

Woo Samgyup 4.5/5

The star attraction and probably the reason for repeated customers is the Woo Samgyup or Thinly Sliced Beef with Bornga's Special Sauce ($22). Woo Samgyup is served shortly after being doused in a unique dressing that retains the meat's natural colour while enhancing the traditional bulgogi taste. The beautiful marbled meat was tender and juicy. In exact fact, it tasted better than bulgogi/galbi. I will definitely return for it again.


3 different types of dipping sauces are served at Bornga. Woo Samgyup sauce, Bean Paste sauce and Sesame Oil with Salt. The darker coloured one is the Woo Samgyup sauce, another of Chef Paik's patented creation.

Chadol Duejang Jjigae

Chadol Duejang Jjigae

Chadol Duejang Jjigae

Chadol Duejang Jjigae 4.2/5

Another signature at Bornga is the Chadol Duejang Jjigae ($16). The Korean beef stew made with rich soybean paste is reduced over a few minutes at table side over a table top stove. The stew is then poured over the rice, mixed and served like a bibimbap. Each mouthful of the rice coated with the beef stew was filled with wonderful flavours partying on the palate.

Jap Chae 3/5

The Jap Chae ($23) which is glass noodles stir fried with pork and vegetables. The silky glass noodles were nicely flavoured by the soy sauce but I felt it was a bit on the oily side.

Naengmyeon 4.2/5

Another favourite of mine in Korean cuisine is Naengmyeon ($15), buckwheat noodles with cold broth. The best method of eating cold noodles is to add some mustard and vinegar to it. The combinations of sour, sweet and spicy was very appetising and refreshing summer dish for the Singapore weather.

Kimchi Jjigae 4.2/5

Kimchi Jjigae ($15) is a hearty and comfort spicy stew with kimchi, pork, tofu and vegetables. Give me a pot of kimchi jjigae and a bowl of rice I will be content.

Haemul Pajeon 3.5/5

The Haemul Pajeon ($22), Korean pancake made with scallions and a variety of seafood. The egg batter, wheat flour and rice flour mixture was not too thick with a slight crisp on the surface. The haemul pajeon itself was a bit bland and it is best enjoyed with the dipping sauce.


At the end of dinner, diners at Bornga will be served a complimentary drink, Omija also known as 5 flavour tea. The refreshing drink with its sour, sweet and bitter taste is really ideal to cleanse the palate after all the BBQ meat.

Bornga is an ideal place for family and friend gathering. Like any other Korean BBQ restaurant, do expect to smell like BBQ meat yourself after meal.

The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 66944696
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista (CC Line, EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 10pm

1) Alight at Buona Vista MRT station. Take exit A or C. Follow the shelved walkway and walk to Star Vista. Journey time about 5 minutes.

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  1. All I could remember was how eager the service staff were to end work before 10pm. At 9.35pm, I was asked to pay up. At 9.47pm, one service staff informed that they would be closing in 10 mins' time. Just after a min, another staff walked over to inform they would be closing in 5 min' time. In another min, the earlier staff came over to switch off the steamboat fire. By then, my friend and I were so disgusted, we left at 9.52pm, totally lost our appetite and we barely ate one-third of what we ordered. Such service tactic is indeed brilliant to chase customer away and finish exactly at 10pm.