Sunday, November 18, 2012

Werther's Original Candies


Have you heard of Werther's Original? It is a brand of caramel flavoured sweets originated in a little village of Werther in Germany. The candies have been around for 110 years where the company was founded back to 1903.


This is my first time trying Werther's Original candies and I enjoyed it. The Werther's Original Coffee Cream is creamy, smooth caramel swirled with rich coffee flavours.


The classic Werther's Original Cream Candies is truely unique with it sweet, creamy and rich caramel flavours. No wonder it has been sweetening life for generations.


The classic Werther's Original Classic Cream Candy also comes in 2 other packaging, the stick and box packaging. Both packaging are perfect for sharing and on the go.


Werther's Original has introduced 2 flavours to its array of delicious treats. One of the new additions is the Werther's Original Sugar Free. With only 9 calories apiece, it is a guilt free indulgence that satisfies your taste for comforting, rich caramel entirely in the tradition of Werther's Original.


The other new addition is the Werther's Original Butter Mints. Made with real butter and fresh cream, the Werther's Original Butter Mints is a refreshing combination of a hint of mint and smooth creamy goodness from the all time favourite caramel candy.