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Shin Yeh @ Liang Court Shopping Centre


If you are looking for authentic Taiwanese cuisine, Shin Yeh located at Liang Court Shopping Shopping Centre offers once forgotten home cooked Taiwanese dishes recreated in a unique style. Taipei-based Shin Yeh is a joint venture with TungLok Group in Singapore.


The casual and modern oriental restaurant setting has a cozy ambience accentuated by the beige leather sofas set up within a cozy bamboo garden.


The 300 seater restaurant has eight private rooms and also offers a private function area that can accommodate up to ten tables.


The restaurant also comes with a nice view overlooking the Singapore River.


In conjunction with Shin Yeh's fourth anniversary and Taiwan National Day, Shin Yeh has arranged a series of promotions in the month of October to celebrate the occasions. From October onwards, Shin Yeh is upgrading its menu to include new desserts and the most iconic Taiwanese street snacks or known as "Xiao Chi". These Taiwanese street snacks will be available in the daily lunch menu (11.30am - 2.30pm) priced at $3.80 - $8.00.

From 1-10 October 2012, there will be a special weekday only promotion where one can enjoy 10 specially selected Taiwanese street snacks dishes at only $4 each. Each table however can only order a maximum of 4 dishes.

Tai Nan Rice Cake 4/5

Tai Nan Rice Cake or Bowl Cake ($4.80) translated directly from Chinese is a southern local snack. It is made from grounded rice which has been immersed in water. The rice mixture and other ingredients were placed in a rice sized bowl and steamed for approximately 20 minutes. The texture is quite similar to our local chwee kueh but with more flavours and ingredients.

Taiwan Homemade Sausage 3/5

The Taiwan Homemade Sausage ($4.20) marinated in Shaoxing wine was quite delectable. Unfortunately it was baked instead of grilled lacking the char-grilled aroma which is commonly found in Taiwan night markets.

Steamed Bun with Lean Pork and Pickled Cabbage 4.2/5

The Steamed Bun with Lean Pork and Pickled Cabbage (2pc for $4.80) or known as Yibao which resembled a wallet is usually served in Weiya (尾牙). The auspicious dish is a symbol of wealth and happiness, eating it at the end of the year is to earn more money next year. As the shape of the dish looks like the mouth of a tiger with a piece of pork inside, it also symbolises eating up all the bad things of the past year and welcoming a prosperous new year.

The steamed bun with lean pork and pickled cabbage also comes with peanut candy powder which gave the dish the additional texture and flavours that was very enjoyable.

Shih Lin Pan Fried Oysters Omelette 4.2/5

There was a little fine tuning to the Shih Lin Pan Fried Oysters Omelette ($6.80) served at Shin Yeh. The usual Taiwan Oysters Omelette has a higher proportion of starch to egg. To suit the local Singaporean's palate, more eggs were added to the dish. Even the sweetness of the sauce is adjusted down.

Crispy Fried Chicken with Dip 4.2/5

A popular Taiwan street snack, the Crispy Fried Chicken ($6.00) must be eaten while hot to savour the moist and juicy chicken with a nice exterior crispiness.

Pork and Golden Petals Broth 4/5

A northern urban taiwan snack, Pork and Golden Petals Broth or simply Rougeng (肉羹) is a hearty dish to eat during the cold weather that warms the body. The starchy broth has many variations where different ingredients can be added to lift the taste. At Shih Yeh, it used pork and the broth was more savoury compared to those I had in Taiwan night market.

Taiwan style Braised Oyster Mee Sua 4.2/5

Many of us who have visited Taiwan will know about Ah Zoong Mian Xian at Ximendeng. The Oyster Mee Sua ($5.80) at Shih Yeh probably is the closest to it that I have tried.

Fried Beancurd and Minced Pork with Mapo Spicy Sauce 4/5

Do not be mislead by the name and visual of the dish, the Fried Beancurd and Minced Pork with Mapo Spicy Sauce ($4.80) was not really spicy. The beancurd used was firmer and had a nice biting texture.

Zhang Hua Meatball 4.2/5

A favourite and household dish in Taiwan, the history of Changhua Meatballs dated back all the way back 186 years ago. It was created using sweet potato flour and pieces of meat when northern Taiwan was hit by flood and there was a shortage of food. The recipe has grew in popularity nationwide, revised and improved over the years.

The Zhang Hua Meatball ($4.80) served at Shin Yeh had a very "Q", soft and chewy texture  stuffed with a generous amount of meat fillings. The sauce had also been fine tuned to be less sweet and had a hint of spiciness to it which complemented the meatball perfectly.

Taiwan style Rice with Soya Sauce Lean Pork 4/5

Taiwan style Rice with Soya Sauce Lean Pork ($4.80) or commnly known as Lu Rou Fan (卤肉饭) is probably one of the most well known Taiwanese dishes. Different parts of Taiwan have various interpretations of the dish. The northern Taiwan Lu Rou Fan is served with ground pork, soy sauce and rice while the southern Taiwan is prepared with a whole piece of lean pork placed atop of the rice.

Fried Xin Zhu Rice Noodles with Lean Pork 4.5/5

We also have the privilege to meet Shin Yeh Taiwan's Executive Chief Chef Chen Zhong Sheng and sample 3 of the dishes from the 8 courses Special Master Chen Set Menu which was only available between 1-7 October 2012 only.

Accordingly to my understanding, Xin Zhu is a place with very strong wind. While other places required at least 2 days to dry the rice noodles, it only takes a day at Xin Zhu. The Fried Xin Zhu Rice Noodles was really springy and fragrant.

Stewed Pork Ribs with Fermented Rice Paste 4/5

The Stewed Pork Ribs with Fermented Rice Paste was unique and came with an interesting flavour that I have never tried before. The fork tender pork ribs were cooked to perfectly and came of the bone with ease.

Pan Seared Milk Fish with Salted Pepper 4.5/5

Only in October 2012, Shin Yeh is holding a special promotion of rhte premium Taiwanese delicacy Milk Fish (虱目鱼). The fish is popular in Taiwan for its tender and juicy meat, and high nutrition including calcium. 3 cooking methods are being offered at Shin Yeh. Pan Seared Milk Fish, Steamed Milk Fish and Milk Fish with Ginger and Tofu Soup. I tried the Pan Seared Milk Fish ($12 per piece) which was crisp on the exterior and the meat was so soft that it melted in my mouth.

The unique name came from the tendency of the fish turning white as milk when it is cooked and its spotless white abdomen. We were told that the fish has a lot of bones and usually only eat the abdomen portion.

Mango and Red Bean Shaved Ice 4/5

Lastly wrapping up the dinner in a sweet note, we tried both the Mango and Milk over Shaved Ice ($8.00 serves 2 persons) and Red Bean and Milk over Coconut Shaved Ice ($6.00 serves 2 persons). The mango shaved ice was fruity and refreshing. The red bean shaved ice has other ingredients should as sweet potato and yam inside.

Shin Yeh
Liang Court Shopping Centre
177 River Valley Road
Singapore 179030
Tel: +65 63387337
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TungLokGroup
Website: http://www.shinyeh.com.sg
Nearest MRT: Fort Canning (DT Line), Clarke Quay (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 230pm, 6pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Fort Canning MRT station. Take Exit A. Turn right and walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Clarke Quay MRT station. Take Exit C, F or G. Walk along the river toward Riverside Point direction. Cross the bridge to the other end of the river. Turn left and walk towards Liang Court. Journey time about 10  minutes. [Map]

3) Alight at Clarke Quay MRT station. Take Exit E. Walk to bus stop at Clark Quay Station (Stop ID 04222). Take bus number 54. Alight 2 stops later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 6 minutes. [Map]


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  3. Hi so are their signature dishes and Taiwanese porridge still available on the menu?

    1. Yes they are still available. The Taiwan street snacks are like a special promotion for October.

  4. Do they have Chili or black-pepper crab like SG seafood restaurant?