Monday, September 17, 2012



What is Boxup? Many of us may have known or heard of the beauty treats subscription concept such as VanityTrove, Bellabox and Glamabox. It seems like this is catching on and people are receptive to the subscription concept whereby every month one received a surprise treats of different items/products in a gift box to your doorstep.


Boxup, your month sweet treats is a subscription service that is started by entrepreneur David Tan. Boxup will deliver a box of carefully selected chocolates right to you doorstep every month. Similar concept like a magazine subscription except it is chocolates instead of magazine.


Boxup is still in the beta launch stage. They are still getting feedbacks to improve their final outlook and design of the box for the final launch.


For chocolate lovers who love to try out exotic brands and different blends of chocolates from all the top artisan chocolatiers, Boxup gives you an element of surprise or adventure when you open up a box of chocolate to find out what is in it each month. Furthermore, it also makes a great gift idea allowing you to send unique chocolates without having to import them individually.

For more information on Boxup, you can check out their website or facebook.

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