Monday, August 13, 2012

Tefal Intensium Pans for healthier cooking


Over the National Day long weekend, I was given 2 Tefal Intensium pans to play with..oh I meant cooked with. Since my family will be glued in front of the TV to watch the National Day parade, I decided to make some pop corns for the family to snack while watching the parade.


The Tefal Intensium Saute-pan is perfect for making the pop corns. With its transparent glass lid, I can easily judge the cooking temperature for the kernel. It also helps to contain the pop corns inside the pan and not popping all over the kitchen's stove. It was quite an enjoyment seeing the kernels popping and dancing inside the pan.


With the Tefal Intensium Saute-pan, I can now make pop corns at home with ease. I should try to make more flavours of pop corns next time.


I also took the opportunity to cook a simple dinner for my family, giving my mum a well desired break. The Thermo-spot pad of the Tefal Intensium pan is pretty cool. I usually will test whether the pan is hot enough for cooking by sprinkling some water droplets. Now with the Thermo-spot, once the pan reached the optimal temperature of 180 Degree Celsius for cooking, the thermo-spot will become solid red.


Check out how evenly and beautifully the Fermented Beancurd Chicken Wings turned out. I followed the recipes from WokkingMum. The anti-warping base of the Tefal Intensium pan ensures homogeneous heat diffusion for optimum cooking, lowering or even no more risk of overheating and burning.


The other dish I cooked for my family was the Vermicelli Omelette. Cooking an egg can be quite tricky. If the pan is not hot enough, the egg will stick to the pan. If it is too hot, it will get burnt easily. With the Tefal Intensium pan and its non stick coating, I was quite surprise that I managed to fry a beautiful vermicelli omelette rather effortless.


Don't you hate it after all the cooking you still need to do the washing up. That is exactly why I love using non stick pan as it can be washed easily. I just need to soak it with warm soapy water, used an non abrasive washing sponge or dishcloth to clean the surface and rinse it with water.


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