Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Soup Guru (汤大师) @ 313 Somerset Food Republic


With the hectic working life in Singapore, many of us do not cook at home nowadays. Not to mention brewing and drinking a bowl of soup to get the necessary nutrients and strengthen the health. Many may have known of Mr Sham's popular "老火汤" at Chinatown which has several outlets around the island now. Mr Sham having imparted his soup recipes and skills, has encouraged his eager disciple Mr Simon Sim, to start up his own brand and hence Soup Guru (汤大师).


Soup Guru (汤大师) is co-founded by both Mr Simon Sim and Madam Saw. Madam Saw is a passionate lady in promoting the culture of soup drinking by making soups more affordable and accessible. Soup Guru (汤大师) was launched at Food Opera, ION Orchard on January 2012 and now its flagship restaurant at 313 Somerset Food Republic in March 2012 offering affordable and healthy Hong Kong's traditional method of prolonged cooking over constant fire soups.


3 different flavours of rice are available on Soup Guru's menu. One can choose to have the Brown Rice, Pumpkin Rice or Yam Rice to complement the soup making it a complete meal.

Pear and Apple Pork Ribs Soup 4/5

The light Pear and Apple Pork Ribs Soup ($4.50) has a lingering sweetness and is recommended if one has any throat discomfort. The used of Chinese Pears and Fuji Apple in the soup help to disperse heat and moisturize the throat, detoxify the body and enchance beauty.

Lotus Root Pork Ribs Soup 4/5

The sweet-savoury Lotus Root Pork Ribs Soup ($5) is most suitable for diabetics. Lotus Root is also known as "Underwater Ginseng" is good for the liver and lung. The soup helps to dispel heat and nourishes the lung and liver.

Old Cucumber Pork Ribs Soup 4/5

The subtly sweet Old Cucumber Pork Ribs Soup ($5) is suitable for the hot and humid Singapore weather. Old cucumber contains a huge amount of nutrients that can help to dispel heat and detoxify body. It lowers blood pressure, disintergrates fat in the body and can help prevent heat stroke.

Ginko Pork Tripe Pepper Soup 4/5

The milky white Ginko Pork Tripe Pepper Soup ($5.50) has a mix of sweet and peppery spiciness. The proteins, vitamins and minerals from the ingredients is good for the stomach and helps improve complexion.

Papaya Pork Ribs with White Fungus Soup 4/5

The fruity and savoury Papaya Prok Ribs with White Fungus Soup ($5) is recommended for people working long hours. The use of papaya and white fungus is believed to prevent wrinkles and keep the skin supple.

Winter Melon Barley Detoxifying Soup 4.2/5

The light and pleasant Winter Melon Barley Detoxifying Soup ($5) is good for the stomach. It helps to dispel heat and improve acne. Barley's rich vitamin E content improves complexion for glowing skin. This soup is not suitable for chronic patients.

Chinese Yam Wolfberries Pork Ribs Soup 3.8/5

Soup Guru uses only Chinese Yam from Japan for the Chinese Yam Wolfberries Pork Ribs Soup ($6.80). The soup has a denser and sweeter taste compared to the rest of the clear soup. It is recommended for pregnant women as it strengthens the bones and back. However, for people having colds, please avoid drinking it.

Ten Tonic Ginseng Chicken Soup 3.5/5

The Ten Tonic Ginseng Chicken Soup ($8) is a classic Chinese medication that uses 10 different herbs (ginseng, codonopsis, atractylodes, poria, baked licorice, angelica, chuanxiong, white peony root, cinnamon and astragalus) that helps to strengthen the body. I don't really enjoy this soup because of its overpowering herbally taste.

Buddha Jumps over the Wall 4/5

Buddha Jumps over the Wall ($8) is a delicacy that used to be only served at restaurant and it didn't come cheap. Not comprising on the ingredients, high end ingredients (abalone, ginseng, sharks' fin, scallops, dried oysters, mushrooms and chicken) are put to boil for hours to provide the bowl of high nutritional value soup. The soup helps to strengthen the body and nourish the complexion.

I would like to thank Bang PR and Soup Guru for the invitation and hospitality.

Soup Guru (汤大师)
313 @ Somerset Food Republic
Level 5
Singapore 238895

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thur & PH: 10am - 10pm
Fri-Sat & Eve of PH: 10am - 11pm

1) Alight at Somerset MRT station. Take Exit B. Take escalator up to level 5. Journey time about 3 minutes.


  1. wow, nice photos!

  2. Yummy!!!! So many choices of soup, should drop by one of this day and try. Which one do you recommend. The "Papaya Prok Ribs with White Fungus Soup" seems good to me :p

    1. Hi Ellena, depends on your body and health on that day. You should drink the soup that must cater for your health needs.

  3. I used to like reading your blog because all your posts are humble personal reviews. Now all you write about are invited food tastings, which make you no different from all those commercialized food blogs out there. Very disappointed!

    1. Hi there, thanks for your support and feedback. I still write a balance of non food tasting invite posts. In addition, I have also start sharing my cooking experience.

  4. I really like herbal soup, it is hard to find one that minimise in the MSG/salt/sodium used. What's your take for this stall use of this particular ingredients.