Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blogger's Makan Gathering 24 March 2012


Since the last makan session at Jacob's place back in October 2011, we have been looking forward to the next session. You can read the previous session here. After 6 months of wait, the Cook.Snap.Eat.Love kitchen is opened once again to only invited guests.

Lobster Bisque

The 3 course main started with Lobster Bisque soup made from Amercian lobsters. I enjoyed the robutness of the flavour coming through with each sip. Jacob recommends us to take a sip of Riesling before having the lobster bisque. It turned out the lobster bisque tasted sweeter.

Seafood Risoni

Initially I thought Jacob has cooked for us Risotto but it turned out to be Seafood Risoni, a rice shaped pasta. The luxurious pot of Seafood Risoni comes with large tiger prawns and seared scallops.

Ispahan inspired Mousse Cake

Assisting the Cook.Snap.Eat.Love kitchen is Pastry cum Sou Chef, Chloe (Jacob's girlfriend and wife to be). Together both of them opened an online store Patisserie Framboise that sells lovely pastry, macarons and cakes. In the previous makan session, Chloe made us the lovely Ispahan and I just fell in love with the dessert. I even ordered from Patisserie Framboise the Ispahan for one of my Christmas gatherings.

This time, the couple decided to deconstruct the Ispahan and create it into some sort of a Mousse Cake dessert, a layer of lychee jelly, raspberry jelly and almond dacquoise base. This is their first time making it and it was really a lovely dessert with a beautiful balance of texture and flavours.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone for the little surprise birthday celebration. Thank you all.


  1. Happy belated birthday Derrick! Hope you had a good one. The seafood risoni looks so so yummy. Did Jacob shared the recipe for that?

    1. Hi Susan, this is his first time making the dish and it is still under fine-tuning. He has not shared the recipe yet.