Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat @ Kovan

I visited the coffeeshop intending to try the Shantou Shi Teochew Fish Head Steamboat but was surprised that it has changed to Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat. Is this the popular Fish Head Steamboat at Serangoon Road? When have they taken over and have another branch in Kovan? Nevertheless, I am happy to be trying out another popular Fish Head Steamboat. It is also more spacious here compare to the branch at Serangoon Road.

The Fish Head Steamboat here uses charcoal. The soup base was very rich in flavor but my partner felt that it was a bit salty. I also noticed that the steamboat size were all the same except for the amount of fish depending on the portion you order.

Fish Head Steamboat 4/5

Having the Fish Head Steamboat alone is a bit boring so I ordered Prawn Rolls. The Prawn Rolls were huge and nice. I actually found prawns inside the rolls unlike most places whereby they always made me wonder why it is called Prawn Rolls while I couldn't find any prawns in them.

Prawn Rolls 4//5

Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat
Hougang 203 Coffeeshop
Blk 203 Hougang Street 21
Nearest MRT: Kovan (NE Line)


  1. Derrick why you never post your partner's photo? :P There's another great fish head steamboat place at outram! if i didnt rmb wrongly.. hehe

  2. @Charlene where at Outram? Let's go try next time.

  3. It is really testy and delicious food, everyone would like to have it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. The original Shan Tou Shi Teochew Fish head seafood has moved to Blk 111A #01-10 Whampoa Road. next to the whampoa community club and old bus interchange.

  5. My family ate there tonight and had a nightmarish experience. Payment is made upon order. We were 5 pax and order taker suggested a medium size pomfret steamboat at $35. We added a couple of other dishes. Food came 30 minutes late, steamboat not hot, vegetables were scant and no yam. Soon, we were literally fishing for fish, and counted the bones on the table - 10 pcs, including 3 fin bones. Suspecting we had been served the small size, we asked the server. One of them came promptly to remove the pot, acknowledging he will make good. 1 hour later, we were still waiting and was told that they are still preparing, acknowledged that we were served the wrong size and asked that we wait. 30 minutes passed and the kids were getting restless, but hungry. We went to cashier counter to check, only to be told that they will prepare now...and that we hv after all eaten up the fish!. Obviously they had no intent to make good and were taking us for a ride. Got annoyed cos we could hv go elsewhere to eat, so reprimanded them for it. The server told us to leave and waved his fist at my husband. So, it was an evening that we were hungry and ripped off. Will tell all my friends to avoid this place, now manned by hooligans.

    1. Hi there, thanks for posting your experience. This type of behavior is unacceptable. Hopefully this is a one of incident and service can improve.