Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Zenden Restaurant @ The Gallery Hotel

The restaurant is located on the 4th floor of The Gallery Hotel. I was here for the 1 for 1 buffet, thanks to the voucher from Women's Weekly Magazine. The restaurant has full glass window panes and was brightly lit from the afternoon sun. The staffs were also very friendly and attentive.

For a buffet, the food spread was quite limited. There were not many selections but it was made up by its quality. I began with the clam chowder soup and bread. The richness of the clam chowder for an instant reminded me of San Francisco where I had my best clam chowder. Thumbs up to the restaurant for keeping the breads warm in a heater/oven type machine. Usually the breads were just left laying cold on the buffet spread.

Clam Chowder and Bread 4.2/5

For the starter, I like both the Japanese cold tofu and tomato stuffed with mushroom. The cold tofu was a simple and excellent dish. The toppings which had seaweed, katsuobushi, eel and sesame was simply a very refine dish.

Japanese Cold Tofu with Eel 4.5/5

Tomato with Mushroom 4.2/5

Next up were the hot food. All of them were good and I enjoyed every dish. Of all, I like the steamed fish and roasted beef the most. I even helped myself to second serving.

Aglio Olio Spaghetti 4/5

Lamb Stew 4/5

Fried Chicken Drumlet 4/5

Soya Sauce Chicken 4/5

Steamed Fish Hong Kong Style 4.2/5

Kai Lan 4/5

Roasted Beef 4.2/5

The highlight was the desserts and pastries. I am usually not into pastries but I found myself sampling and finishing all of them. I would strongly recommend the chocolate banana cake. Hands down to the restaurant for serving Movenpick ice cream. The brand itself already melts my heart.

Pastries 4.2/5

Movenpick Ice Cream 4.5/5

Overall, Zenden restaurant's buffet lunch might not have the variety but quality and service are there. A nice  environment to spend an afternoon.

The nearest MRT station would be Chinatown MRT station. Walk to the bus stop opposite Hong Lim Complex and take bus 51 or the bus stop opposite Subordinate Court and take bus 186.

Zenden Restaurant
The Gallery Hotel
1 Nanson Road
4th floor

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