Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let's Sweet @ Bugis Junction

My friends and I went to check out this new dessert buffet restaurant at Bugis after much media publicity. It is a new Japanese buffet concept brought in by Japan Foods Holding Ltd, which also runs Ajisen Ramen, Manpuku, Botejyu, Fruit Paradis and AOBA.

The restaurant is divided into two main sections, one for desserts and the other for savory items. Each table is given a time limit of 60 minutes for lunch and 80 minutes for dinner to complete their meal. There was a timer counting down and the alarm will sound when your time is up. It was rather stressful looking at the timer counting down so we turned it around.

As we are rather hungry, we started with the savory section first. The food was generally good across the board. The fried chicken and omelette were my favourite.

Japanese Pizza 4/5

Japanese Pasta 4/5

Fried Chicken 4.2/5

Omelette 4.5/5

Over at the dessert counter, there were a colorful display of mousse, jellies, puff and cakes but way short of the 40 over varieties of desserts they said they served. Of what they were serving, some were even sold out. The cakes were my favourite among the desserts. The mousse were nice too. However, the jellies were bland. Overall, we did not get the sugar rush experience and we stopped at only one round of desserts.

Banana Chocolate Crepe with Ice Cream 4/5

Dancing Yaki Mochi 3.5/5

Cakes and Mousse 4/5

Cakes 4/5 and Jellies 3.5/5

Mousse and Jellies 4/5

Let's Sweet
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Nearest MRT: Bugis (EW Line, DT Line)


  1. I went there yesterday but the dancing yaki mochi was not available... really disappoint me. Service was not veri gd too :(

  2. @Anonymous there are rather new. I hope they can fine-tune and provide us with better services.