Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hong Kong Food Print Day 3 - Breakfast

Day 3 breakfast was at Australia Dairy Company near Jordan MTR along Parkes Street. There was already a queue when I got there. Eating here can be quite stressful, their business was so good that they will start asking customers to stand and wait beside your table when you are left with your drinks.

Everything was about speed here. Order fast, serve fast and eat fast. The waiters/waitress were super efficient and can be a bit scary to some but polite. Breakfast set was rather standard. You just need to decide on you want your egg be done, fried or scrambled. Hot or cold coffee/tea. The best try here is the steamed milk pudding.

Macroni and Ham

Toast and Scrambled Egg

Toast and Fried Egg

Steamed Milk Pudding

Iced Coffee

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