Saturday, November 12, 2022

Claudine @ Dempsey Hill - Sister Restaurant Of Three-Starred Michelin Restaurant Odette By Chef Julien Royer


With a few foodie friends, we make a reservation at Claudine at Dempsey Hill, the sister restaurant of Odette. It is another concept by Chef Julien Royer. The restaurant, located inside an old chapel building where the former White Rabbit restaurant was, has been transformed into a beautiful French brasserie.

Charred Leeks 4/5

We started with the Charred Leeks ($22). I have never eaten leeks served in 'gribiche' dressing with cornichon and chives. While it looks like a pool of mess, it was a tasty finish that allowed me to appreciate the charred leeks.

Nougat De Foie Gras 4.5/5

My friend, who loves her terrine, insisted on ordering the Nougat De Foie Gras ($38), which was an excellent choice. Best to spread it on the bread to enjoy the creaminess of the goose liver. It even comes with almond, cranberry and apricot to cut that richness.

Herring & Potato Salad 4.2/5

The Herring & Potato Salad ($28) topped with frisee surprised me for its simplicity, yet the various ingredients combine to make it a delicious dish. I adore the pairing of herring and potato, which is a first for me too. Herring can be quite sourish, so the starchy potato kind of balanced it.

Vol-Au-Vent 4/5

The Vol-Au-Vent ($58) looks somewhat like a volcano to me in its form. The towering puff pastry is filled with sweetbread, morel and chicken quenelle. The creamy mushroom jus at the base is like the after-eruption volcano lava that has flowed to the bottom of the volcano.


Chou Farci 4.2/5

It is another eye-opener for me at Claudine in the Chou Farci ($98). It didn't come across me that the French also use cabbage to wrap their food in their cooking. I thought only the Chinese did it. Cutting through the huge cabbage dome reveals luxe fillings of Gascon bacon, foie gras, prune etc. It is a richly flavoured and hearty dish that requires approximately 30 minutes of preparation time.

Claudine Bouillabaisse 4.2/5

The Claudine Bouillabaisse ($198) is probably the most expensive item on the menu. The classic French fish soup with seafood is good for sharing. It consists of deep-sea prawns (carabineros), scallops, john dory fish, razor clams and mussels. The seafood is accompanied by a plate of saffron rouille sauce and croutons to soak up the delicious soup. I enjoyed the dish, but it hurt my wallet.


While I heard mixed reviews of the restaurant, my friends and I enjoyed the food at Claudine. However, the dining experience could be better. Unfortunately, the experience was spoilt by the waiting staff reminding us numerous times throughout the dinner that we had to finish by a specific time for the second seating.

Dempsey Hill
39C Harding Road
Singapore 249541
Tel: +65 62652966
Nearest MRT: Napier (TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Wed-Sun: 1145am - 2pm
Tue-Sat: 6pm - 9pm
Sun: 6pm - 830pm
(Closed on Mon)

Alight at Napier MRT station. Take Exit 2. Walk to Minden Road. Turn left onto Minden Road and walk to the end of Minden Road. Turn right onto Harding Road. Walk down Harding Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

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