Saturday, September 3, 2016

Nestia App - Nestia Food Festival 2016, 01 to 14 September 2016


Did you hear about the Nestia Food Festival 2016 which is happening from 01 September to 14 September 2016? The food festival is brought to you by Nestia App which can be downloaded on both Android and IOS. Nestia has brought together 100 restaurants and cafes islandwide to participate in the first ever Nestia Food Festival!


The good news is all the participating merchants will be offering minimum 15% discount to Nestia App users. Participating merchants include known names like Chock Full of Beans, Caruso, Nun Song Yee, Kombi Rocks Diner and many more.


I have actually made plans to visit a few of the participating merchants during the Nestia Food Festival. One of them is Caruso in Bukit Timah which serves authentic Italian cuisine. Now there are more reasons for me to go back for their delicious Italian food, since I will get to enjoy a minimum 15% discount by being a user of Nestia app.


To redeem the promotion from the participating restaurants and cafes, you just need to follow 2 simple steps during the Nestia Food Festival,

1) Download Nestia App. Click Link Here.
2) Flash the app promotion page to participating merchants


Besides the Food Festival, Nestia app is also great for making my life simpler and easier. Nestia is a one stop platform dedicated to removing all the hassle of searching for information across multiple platforms or apps. Ever encountered the need to switch between apps on your phone just to find the information you need? What is even more frustrating is jumping in and out of various apps that you have downloaded on the phone, just to complete a simple search. For instance, finding a restaurant for dinner, follow up with a reservation and finding directions to the restaurant. You will probably need to do this over 3 applications installed in your phone. If you are facing this daily inconvenience like me,  Nestia app has the solution. It has all the features integrated into the app, easy and simple.


As a foodie, I like the Food & Beverage Category of the Nestia App most. The app allows me to search for the restaurant I wish to visit. At the same time indicates to me whether there is any promotion tied up with the restaurant. With a simple tap of the app, I can even call the restaurant to make a reservation from the app directly without the need to search for the phone number. It also offers me direction to the restaurant. The Nestia App even allows me to check on public transport information such as the waiting time of the public bus and the travelling time from one MRT station to another.


On top of the Food & Beverage, Transport and Navigation features I raved about, the Nestia App currently has Movies, Promotions, Lottery, Property, Interior Design and Home Services features built into it. I understand that they will be building more features into it over time as well!


I am glad that I got to know about Nestia as the app has basically changed the way I used my phone to search for information. It has incorporated daily living in Singapore into the app. It feels like the company behind the app knows what we want and need, and has customized an app for all Singaporeans. Now there is no need for me to download multiple apps on my phone. I just need a single app in Nestia installed on my phone and I have the whole Singapore at my fingertips.

You can download the Nestia App by clicking the link here.

Note: This post is brought to you by Nestia

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