Wednesday, February 10, 2016

D'Laksa @ KSL City [Johor Bahru]


Recently I went to Johor Bahru with a group of friends to hunt for the delicious food across the causeway. After visiting You Kee XO Restaurant at KSL City, we proceeded into the mall to check out an assam laksa stall called D'Laksa.

Assam Laksa 3.8/5

I don't remember seeing D'Laksa when I last visited KSL City. After checking online, I realized they are dated back to 2012 and recently re-located to a bigger space at KSL City in May 2015. In fact, I have heard about the assam laksa even before this trip. Hence I am quite looking forward to check it out.

Assam Laksa 3.8/5

The first thing I noticed about the Assam Laksa is the rather generous servicing of shredded cucumber, onions, pineapple and mints. Second is the type of noodle used. This is not the normal thick beehoon that is commonly used in Singapore. It uses the thick rice noodle known as Lai Fun which has a more chewy bite to it.

Assam Laksa 3.8/5

For a good Assam Laksa, the most important is the soup that holds all the components. The soup does packed a punch with its sourish and tanginess, further lifted with the cut red chilli. My only request is to have more of the shredded fish.


You may have noticed that my bowl of assam laksa is served in takeaway bowl. The concept of D'Laksa is operate like a takeaway kisok. There is actually seating area beside the kiosk, like a food court. If you plan to bring some back to Singapore, they can pack the soup and noodle separately too.

KSL City
33, Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad,
80250 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia

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