Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House @ Upper Thomson Road


I have passed by Upper Thomson Road numerous time and always noticed this big green signboard, Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House. I have done a mental note to visit the place but I have seem to have the opportunity to do so until a recent meet up with Maureen and Ian.

Rice 3/5

The chicken rice itself was moist and not oily but it was lacking of the aroma of a good plate of chicken rice which I would be preferred. However, I thought the chilli and garlic sauce is one the best I have tried.

Poached Chicken 4/5

I am not a big fan of kampong chicken because it is usually lean and tough. I preferred my chicken to be more tender and fat . The Poached Chicken at Chicken House although is not as fat and do not have that jelly like skin, I was quite surprised that it was quite tender and not as lean as I would have expected. I also like the fact that the chicken is not over drown by sauce, allowing me to taste the natural sweetness of the meat.

Chicken Liver 4.2/5

Chicken Liver is one of the essential item I would order whenever I had my chicken rice. I am not sure the reason but I love eating this since young. I thought chicken liver goes very well with the chilli sauce too.

Ipoh Beansprout 4.2/5

Tofu 4/5

Chicken House also serves other side dishes on their menu besides their delectable chicken rice. We tried the Ipoh Beansprouts and Tofu. They are both worthy dish to accompany the chicken rice for a enjoyable and satisfying feast at the restaurant.

While the rice at Chicken House is nothing to rave about, the poached chicken itself is quite good. It did surprise me that it is not as lean as most kampong chicken. I also like the fact that the restaurant offers a variety of side dishes besides chicken rice.

Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House
255 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574382
Tel: +65 64560698
Nearest MRT: Upper Thomson (TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1030am - 930pm

1) Alight at Upper Thomson MRT station. Take Exit 4. Walk to destination. Journey time about 2 minutes. [Map]