Thursday, July 31, 2014

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice @ Katong Shopping Centre


So I have heard that there is a very popular Chicken Rice stall at Katong Shopping Centre food court. In fact, I have heard of Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice for years but I have not been able to make my way down to the far east to check out the chicken rice. By chance I needed to run some errand in the area so I made my way to the basement food court hoping to get a quick meal a couple of weeks back. However to my horror, there was a snaking queue and I ended up waiting for a good 45 minutes.

Hainanese Chicken 4.5/5

While the name of the stall is known as Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice, the chicken is not served boneless unless you request. The Hainanese Chicken is chopped into big chunky pieces and topped with fried garlic. The chicken is definitely dipped in cold ice water to get the jelly like skin because the chicken tasted chilled. Overall the chicken was really very tender. No wonder the stall is so popular with patrons willing to wait for a good 30 minutes or more.

Chicken Rice 3.5/5

The Chicken Rice has a nice garlic aroma but it was not as fluffy as I would have liked. In fact it was almost on the dry side.

Achar 3/5

Lotus Root Soup 4/5

What I think is very generous of the stall is the complimentary Achar and Lotus Root Soup. The achar is cut into chunky pieces and patrons can help themselves to them as many times as they want. Although simply seasoned,  I am not complaining since it is free flow. The Lotus Root Soup on the other hand was rich in flavour. The soup should have been boiled for hours with pork ribs and chicken feet that literally fell apart when I picked them up with my chopsticks.

Bean Sprouts 4/5

Since I have queued for so long, I might as well ordered more dishes to try. I had the Bean Sprouts which surprisingly is topped with a few slices of abalone. A nice crunchy side dish to go with the chicken rice.

Overall I agreed that the chicken served at Delicious Boneless chicken is ready delicious as per its name. I do like the way the chicken is chopped into big chunky pieces. I prefer it to be smaller. The complimentary achar and soup are definitely a bonus and generous of the stall. However will you wait 45 minutes for the chicken rice?

*All photos in this post is taken using the new Samsung Galaxy K Zoom LTE smartphone.

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice
Katong Shopping Centre
865 Mountbattan Road
Singapore 437844
Nearest MRT: Dakota (CC Line), Mountbattan (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun: 1030am - 8pm
(Closed on Mon)

1) Alight at Dakota MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop at Blk 99 Old Airport Road (Stop ID 81181). Take bus number 10 or 32. Alight 5 stops later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 12 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Mountbattan MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to bus stop at Blk 2 Mountbattan Road (Stop ID 80279). Take bus number 12 or 14. Alight 7 stops later. Journey time about 16 minutes. [Map]


  1. Is the lotus root soup also free flow? If it is, they are very generous indeed. It looks yummy.

    1. I think it is refillable accordingly to the comment below from a follower.

  2. The soups are refillable and not limited to just 1 type each day.

    1. Hi Anthiny, thank you for the info. I did not know the, Looks like you are a fan of their chicken rice too.

  3. eh how do u find that phone? any good?

    1. The phone is good. It is as part your normal galaxy samsung phone but comes with a better camera with optical zoom and many special modes. Of course it is a bit heavier.

  4. There used to be a stall selling Western style food just beside the stall you were reviewing - one of the tastiest & great value-for-money! It's gone since. This stall you're talking about has been around since the mid 80s IIRC.

    1. It is a pity, I would love to try their western food if they are still around.

  5. Katong Shopping Center chicken rice is over rated and over priced, service and attitude really bad. Check out the chicken rice at Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant, Golden Mile Tower basement. Much better than Katong Shopping Center chicken rice.

    1. I did not have such bad attitude experience, did you have special request? By the way, I have tried Thien Kee but I don't like it.

  6. I did not have such bad attitude experience, did you have special request? By the way, I have tried Thien Kee but I don't like it.
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