Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crowning the Best Pineapple Tart 2014


A great thanks to Pickat SG for organising this Pineapple Tart tasting session to crown the Best Pineapple Tart of 2014. A total of 20 different brands of pineapple tarts that comes in different shapes and sizes were being judged in the following five criteria, Taste, Texture, Fragrant, Appearance and Packaging.


Don't feel jealous that we can try so many different pineapple tarts. It is really too much to eat in one seating. I have to cut them into smaller pieces so that I could sample all of them for the final verdict.






Any of the above 20 brands of pineapple tarts is your favourite? Among all that I tried, my personal top 3 went to Le Cafe Confectionery, Mr Bean and Bengawan Solo. I realized everyone has their different favourite. Ones liking may not be the others preference.


Nevertheless we still manage to come to a conclusion. After the final vote counts, the King of Pineapple Tart 2014 goes to Bake Inc. Followed by Le Cafe in second and Mr Bean in third. Bake Inc is a great surprise, the dark horse among the 20 brands. Most of us have not heard of this brand but it won most of our hearts with its melted in the mouth super soft pastry. The famous Le Cafe golf sized pineapple tart was my favourite with its sweet pineapple jam and flaky pastry. However the voters has mixed view about the size as the portion is too much for some to finish. Another household name but not known for its pineapple tart was Mr Bean which delighted us with its balanced sweetness and light soya crust.

Thank you Pickat SG for organising the event. You can download Pickat SG at

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