Friday, April 27, 2012

7Adam @ Adam Park


Located at Adam Park is this black and white 2 storey colonial house. This historical and beautiful building is a art gallery cum restaurant. Surrounded by greenery, this is really a lovely place.


On a fine Friday evening, Maureen and I together with our partners went to check out the 7Adam restaurant.


Interior of the restaurant is decorated with art works from various artists which is changed every 8-10 weeks. You can also purchase these art pieces too.


Upon placing our orders, we were served complimentary warm baguette.


We were also given complimentary Quiche which is bursting with flavours. It got all of us excited, looking forward to our mains after reading several good reviews of this place.

7 Adam Trio 4/5

The 7 Adam Trio ($27) Appetiser consists Foie Gras, Crab Cake and Fresh slices of Tuna Loins. My favourite of the three is the Crab Cake. Biting into the crispy crab cake, a rush of beautiful flavours hit the taste buds, sending them dancing in delights.

I am not sure what is the sauce for the Foie Gras, it came to be as something that has caramel sweetness. I found the texture a bit too mushy for my liking. For the Tuna Loins, I thought it was quite a shadow to the Foie Gras and Crab Cake. I guess the strong flavours from the Foie Gras and Crab Cake could have overshadowed it.

Wagyu Beef Cheek, Mash of Yam 4/5

The Wagyu Beef Cheek ($37) looks rather ordinary sitting on a mash of Yam and Spinach. The beef cheek not only melted in my mouth, it melted my heart too. It was so tender. For the Yam mash, I have to admit I thought it was potato mash. I could not tell the different.

Baba Pork Ribs 4/5

The Baba Pork Ribs ($37) has a sweet caramelized crisp outer layer with tender meat falling off the bone. The ribs were well executed but I didn't get the wow factor in what the chef was trying to show in his cooking.

Cod fish Confit 3.8/5

The Cod fish Confit ($34) consists of two huge fillets of pan seared cod fish sat on a bed of pilaf rice with orange hollandaise sauce. The cod fish was moist and fluffy. However I thought the saucing was rather light and the whole dish was kind of ordinary to me.

Duck Confit 2.5/5

The Duck Confit with Szechuan pepper salt ($37) was a big disappointment. The duck meat was tough and chewy. We were basically chewing the duck confit!

Mixed Fruit Tart 2.5/5

The Mixed Fruit Tart ($15) looks beautiful but again I thought it ws rather simple to be charging $15 for it. We were joking amount ourselves that we can easily put the dish together. I have to warn that the tart base is extremely hard and difficult dessert to eat with. We were like trying to break the tart. Yes! breaking the tart not cutting the tart. Nevertheless, the pastry has an interesting sweet flavour which all of us thought it is similar to the Chinese water chestnut pastry.

Chocolate Fondant 4/5

The Chocolate Fondant ($15) with caramel sauce was moist and lovely.

In summary for my dinner experience at 7Adam, I would give full marks for its ambience. Food wise I did have a hard time deciding my main as the menu has some interesting fusion of flavours and ingredients. However the dishes turned out mediocre and it didn't excite me at all. For the price tag, I am sure I can find better food elsewhere unless you are willing to pay for the ambience.

7 Adam Park
Singapore 289926
Tel: +65 64670777
Nearest MRT: Farrer Road (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 11pm

1) Alight at Farrer Road MRT station. Take Exit and walk to bus stop (ID B111111) at Blk 2 Farrer Road. Alight 4 stops later and walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes.