Monday, January 16, 2012

Johor Bahru (JB) Day Trip Dec 2011

Last month my partner and I went to Johor Bahru for a day trip just to revel in shopping and the local food. We took the train to Kranji MRT station and then transfer to SBS bus 170 that took us to the Singapore immigration checkpoint at the causeway. After clearing the immigration and custom at Singapore side, you need to queue again for the bus to bring you to Johor Bahru. Some people may get confuse with the queue but taking either SBS bus 160 or 170 from this stage onwards is the same. Just hop on to whichever comes first and it will bring you to Malaysia, Johor Bahru immigration checkpoint.

Curry Chicken Noodle

Chicken Redang with Rice

We have a quick lunch at JB Sentral Mall which is conveniently connected to the JB immigration checkpoint. We had Curry Chicken Noodle and Chicken Redang at one of the basement cafes. After lunch, we walked back to the bus interchange at the JB immigration checkpoint to take bus S1 to the new KLS City Mall. We paid $1.50 ringgit per pax and the bus alight us at the entrance of the mall. Same fee and place to take the bus back to the JB immigration checkpoint.


After shopping and doing pedicure at KLS City Mall, we took a taxi from KLS City Mall to 大马巴杀 to have Zi Char at 文记野味海鲜 (Restoran Mun). Taxi fee is about $8 Ringgit. If you are familiar with JB, actually it is within walking distance from KLS City Mall to 大马巴杀.


Can you guess what are these? You will see it at most of the stalls there. They are called Beggar Chicken.

Beggar Chicken

If you order the Beggar Chicken, the server will crack out the clay with a hammer and chisel. Not sure why the Malaysian called it the Beggar Chicken but it tasted similar to the Herbal Chicken in Singapore.

Black Hokkien Mee

Black Hokkien Mee is probably one of the signature noodle Malaysian dish that every Singaporean would order whenever they visit Malaysia as we hardly find it in Singapore. The Black Hokkien Mee here is pretty sinful as it was fried in a plate full of pork lards.

Sambal Tapioca Leaves

A simple vegetable dish but the Sambal Tapioca Leaves was well done with a good balance of spiciness.

Ceral Crayfish

We just got to order the Creal Crayfish as almost every table was having it. If you have a chance to visit the place, this is a best order dish.


  1. It's really so coincidentally, my brother brought me to the same place as the one you suggested at 大马巴杀! We loved the cereal crayfish! :D

  2. Haha ya the cereal crayfish was yummy

  3. Sentosa correct? The crayfish is legendary !
    Have been ages since last visit.

  4. Hi Andy, I not sure whether 大马巴杀 = Sentosa. I only know the chinese name.

  5. The curry looks so oily and so is the veggie. You probably put on a kilo or two after eating them. They are good for people who wants to put on weight.

  6. Haha sgfoodonfoot now in JB ;D yes, JB does have many good food places though they are not yet conveniently linked by MRT. We wait awhile for the planned Woodlands-JB MRT link. 2018 is not too far off ;D

    oh I didn't know they have beggar's chicken in 大马巴杀. Have added it to my must try list. Thanks! Much appreciated.

  7. lol looking forward to the new MRT link to JB and I can share more good food with my readers.

    Yes they have the beggar's chicken. A lot of stalls are selling it.