Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bloggers' Makan Gathering 01 Oct 2011

Since I started blogging and tweeting, it has widen my circle of friends. Jacob from Cook.Snap.Eat.Love is one of them that I get to know on Twitter recently. Together with other bloggers and Twitter friends, we gathered at Jacob's place for a makan session where he cooked for us personally.

Photo by Cook.Snap.Eat.Love

Jacob has came up with a 3 course menu for the makan gathering. Entree was Cream of Mushroom Soup garnished with the microgreens grown by Jacob himself. Jacob has used at least 5 types of mushrooms for the soup giving it a very tasty and rich mushroomy flavour. I was delighted that Jacob chose to give the soup a chunky texture. Each spoonful was an enjoyment biting into the chewy bits of the mushrooms.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

If you are interested to grow your own microgreens, you can visit Jacob's blog. He has a step to step tutorial in how to do so.


The Main was Duck Confit. Confit is prepared through a tedious process of preservation that consists of salt curing and poaching in its own fat. Jacob has spent a week preparing the dish. Jacob was very nervous when the main was served. He kept asking us how was the duck confit but in return was only silent. In actual fact we were lost of words, deeply impressed and overwhelmed by Jacob's culinary skill. There was only sound from the knife cutting into the crispy pan fried duck skin and munching of the tender duck meat.

Duck Confit

Dessert was a beautiful creation from Jacob's girlfriend, Chloe. She has re-created Pierre Herme's masterpiece the Ispahan. The lovely pink macaron shells sandwiched with fresh raspberries, lychees and buttercream finished with a a rose petal is an art itself that I can't bear to bite into it. Although the Isaphan has a bewildering combinations of flavours, surprisingly they all came together as one. The dessert definitely completed the lovely night with a sweet note.



  1. It was fun! Missing it already! Derrick next time ur turn to cook!

  2. @Charlene if you want to eat canned food I can host you next time.

  3. I heard that hor... derrick next time you cook must invite us hor :p So sad we missed this gathering, both duck and Ispahan are my favourite esp the duck confit :)

  4. Hi Derrick,
    :) Just love those gatherings! Would you be interested in tasting/reviewing/experiencing a new food (seafood) in town? It will be fresh and flown in especially for the tasting. If yes, please send me a hello. An email with more details will be sent on Monday.

    Hope to see you!

  5. derrick...i heard that also hor... must invite us when you cook! :)

  6. People need to eat more fresh vegetables