Sunday, July 17, 2011

Xiao Xuan Feng (小旋风) @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

I was at Tiong Bahru Plaza for a movie and decided to try Xiao Xuan Feng. Xiao Xuan Feng has 2 outlets. One at Tiong Bahru Plaza while the other at Hougang Mall. Their menu is quite extensive ranging from hot cooked food, dim sum and noodles. I tried their La Mian since it was made freshly at the spot.

The Stewed Beef La Mian had a generous serving of beef chunks and beef balls. The soup was tasty and the noodles had the smooth, silky and springy texture.

Stewed Beef La Mian 4/5

The Fried Ribs La Mian was bland but the noodles itself was good. The fried ribs were not crispy at all and oily.

Fried Ribs La Mian 3/5

The Shanghai Pork Dumplings were average. I felt that skin was too thick.

Shanghai Pork Dumplings 3.5/5

Xiao Xuan Feng
Tiong Bahru Plaza
320 Tiong Bahru Road
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 11pm

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