Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Banana Leaf Apolo @ Race Course Road

Stepping into the restaurant was like stepping into a spice supermarket. The aroma from the various spices instantly rushed through your nostril. Upon sitting down, you will be served with a basket of papadum. A good distraction for the hungry stomach while waiting for the food to be served.

Papadum 4/5

I didn't know that the rice came with 2 sides so I ordered the Chana Masala which is chickpeas cooked with masala. I seldom have chickpeas but it was an interesting North India dish.

Chana Masala 4/5

The Biryani Rice was not the yellow type that we usually have. It was more plain in colour but fragrant and nice. There were also two complimentary vegetable sides that came with it.

Biryani Rice 4/5

The Chicken Vindaloo which is chicken breast meat with potato filled in hot n spicy sauce. It was not as hot and spicy as it looked.

Chicken Vindaloo 4/5

The highlight of the night had to be the Curry Fish Head. Lots of spices were packed into the gravy and I love the sourish taste of it. The fish head was also fresh and good.

Curry Fish Head 4.5/5

The Banana Leaf Apolo
56 Race Course Road
Nearest MRT: Little India (NE Line)

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