Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House @ Marina Bay Link Mall

Have you tried eating spaghetti using chopsticks? At Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House, that is the way you do it. The restaurant sells only spaghetti. It has an interesting menu with a huge selection of pasta cooked in Japanese way.

My partner and I ordered the set which came a salad (one servicing from the salad bar), a drink and a main. As the set only entitled to one servicing from the salad bar, being typical Singaporean, you can see diners trying to squeeze as much as possible into the tiny bowl for the salad. The salad bar has limited selection. The Japanese salad sauces and the seaweeds were my favourite.

Salad 4/5

The restaurant was quite crowded and I was offered to sit at the bar counter which gave me a direct view of the chefs preparing the dishes. It was interesting to see the teamwork in the kitchen and how each chef went about preparing the dish at their stations.

I had the regular size (smallest in the menu) spaghetti and it was already quite a big servicing. I enjoyed unique taste of the Mentaiko Pork Spaghetti. It tasted like eating a plate of chinese fried noodle with Sichuan vegetables, especially eating it with chopsticks.

Mentaiko pork 4.2/5

The Avocado and Shrimp Spaghetti my partner had was the cream base type. It was not as flavouring as mine but overall it was good and creamy.

Avocado and Shrimp 4/5

If you are not a big eater, the restaurant has a "half and half" set which you can select 2 types of spaghetti from the menu. I saw a couple ordered the set and shared. The portion was quite reasonable too.

Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House
Marina Bay Link Mall
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place (EW Line)

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