Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Short Batam Trip Part 2

Tempat Senang is a peaceful and private resort. However the down side there is nothing near its vicinity except for the golf course. Nevertheless the resort can help to arrange for taxi service for SGD$20 (IDR$150,000) for 3 hours and SGD$7 (IDR$50,000) for subsequent hour. Just tell the driver where you want to go.

I went to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall which is about 20-25 minutes car ride. I usually went there to do some toiletries shopping as well as having my A&W root beer float and waffle. This trip I found the super spicy local snack (on the left on the pic below). It is damn "shiok" if you are a chilli lover. Be warned! It is not for the weak taste buds.

After shopping, dinner was at Golden Prawn 933. It is a restaurant built on top of a pond. I suspected it is a prawn pond which was how the restaurant name came about. There is another restaurant, Golden Prawn 555 beside it. Both restaurants should be owned by the same owner since the receipt came with both the restaurant names.

Compare to another seafood restaurant Delima near Harris and Holiday Inn, the food at Golden Prawn 933 was far better. The chilli crab sauce was different from Singapore version but very tasty and nice. The mussels were fresh and big too.

Golden Prawn Chilli Crab 4.2/5

Kailan 4/5

Mussels 4.5

Hotplate Tofu 4/5

4 courses dinner

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