Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seoul Yummy @ Novena Square 2

Walk passed the restaurant and noticed that it was having a special set meal promo for 2 at $33.99 ++. It came with 6 complimentary side dishes,  2 hot/cold barley tea, choice of 1 noodle/rice dish, hotplate and soup. I thought the price was quite reasonable so I settled for the restaurant to have my dinner.

Both the drink and side dishes were refillable. The barley tea was nothing special but basically barley water. The side dishes were decent but did not impress me much.

The 6 side dishes 3.8/5

For the choices of the main, I had the fried saba fish, mixed vege stone pot rice with beef and spicy kimchi hotpot with pork. Fortunately, the mains were good and value for money. The portions were also quite big considered that it was a promotional set meal.

Hotplate Fried Saba Fish 4/5

Mixed Vege Stone Pot Rice with Beef 4/5

Spicy Kimchi with Pork Hotpot 4/5

Seoul Yummy
Novena Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
Nearest MRT: Novena (NS Line)

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