Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant @ TripleOne Somerset

The restaurant offers premium steamboat with really fresh and high quality food. Price is a bit steep but definitely worth it for the freshness and quality. Besides ala carte menu, it does offer set menu for 2 and 4 persons too. My friends and I went for the set menu for 4 person. For the broth, we went for the Healty Chicken Soup and Traditional Pork's Bone Soup. Yes it is spelt as "Healty" in the menu (not sure whether it was a spelling error).

For the starter, we have the fried fish skin. The dip for the fried fish skin was very good. The fried fish skin was crispy and nice but I thought the size was a bit small compare to what I have eaten elsewhere.

Next up was fun time. We were presented with a tray of 12 ingredients for us to mix and match our own dipping sauce.

Lastly it was the main. When it was served there was a commotion in the group. We realized the prawns were alive and moving. OK! this is really fresh! It can be quite a disturbing sight to some when the prawns struggled in the hot steamboat. Besides the freshness of the seafood, the pork and beef were of premium quality too.

Steamboat 4.5/5

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Road
Nearest MRT: Somerset (NS Line)

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