Saturday, September 4, 2010

Raindrops Cafe @ Scape

Scape is a new mall in the heart of Orchard behind the Youth Park and Cineleisure which hosted the Youth Olympic Basketball 3-On-3 tournament. Tucked at the far corner of Scape surrounded by greenery, Raindrops Cafe offers a cosy ambience for dining and chill out away from the crowd. They also have a good collection of wine and Belgium beer.

The Menu


My friends and I started off with beer-battered Mushrooms and Calamari. I enjoyed both dishes and I thought the calamari was very good. Definitely one of best I have eaten.

Beer-Battered Mushrooms 3.8/5

Calamari 4.2/5

This is the most expensive dish on the menu at $24 which I ordered. It is Grilled US Kurobuta Pork Rack with apple sauce. I thought the pork was well grilled. It was neither dry or stiff. The apple sauce was not too sweet so it did not overpowered the taste of pork but gave it a light flavouring allowing the pork to shine.

Kurobuta Pork Rack 4.2/5

My friends ordered the Mushroom Arrabbiata Penne and Squid Ink Prawn, Scallop Roe Spaghetti and Chicken Leg Lemongrass with Pumpkin Risotto. Except for the Mushroom Arrabbiata which was a bit too spicy for my friend's liking the rest of the food was good and enjoyable across the board.

Mushroom Arrabbiata Penne 3.8/5

Squid Ink Prawn and Scallop Roe Spaghetti 4/5

Chicken Leg Lemongrass with Pumpkin Risotto 4/5

Raindrops Cafe
2 Orchard Link
Nearest MRT: Somerset, NS Line

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