Monday, June 7, 2010

Tonkichi @ Orchard Central

Tonkichi is famous for its Tonkastu. Tonkatsu means pork cutlet ( "ton" - pork , "katsu" - cutlet). There are also 2 types of cuts for katsu. Hire (pork fillet) and Rosu (pork loin). Rosu katsu are fatter than hire. For the first timer, you may wonder why they served you a bowl of sesame. It is for your tonkastu dip. Grind the sesame seeds into powder form then pour the tonkatsu sauce. You can add a bit of yellow karashi (japanese mustard) into the dip if you prefer some spiciness.


Sesame after Grinding

We ordered the Hire Katsu Set and Oyster & Rosu Katsu Set. The set came with a bowl of miso soup, japanese rice, yellow pickles, cabbage and your katsu. By the way, the cabbage is free flow.

Hire Katsu 4.5/5

Oyster and Rosu Katsu 4.5/5

The Oyster and Rosu Set

Tonkichi @ Orchard Central
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Nearest MRT station: Somerset, NS Line

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