Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe @ CityLink Mall

This is one of Xin Wang food chain that features a wide range of Taiwan's best known snacks. The restaurant's interior is enlivened with cartoon drawings. The menu is also cartoon drawn which is very cute.

Menu Cover

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3

Menu 4

After browsing through the interesting menu, I finally settled for an ice calamansi tea drink which was very refreshing for the hot weather.  I also ordered deep fried squid, Guan Dong Zhu and grilled enoki bacon stick which were all very nice.

Ice Calamansi Tea Drink 4/5

The sauce for the deep fried squid looked very spicy but surprisingly it was not and it tasted very good. A very yummy sauce that went very well with the deep fried squid. 

Deep Fried Squid 3.8/5

Deep Fried Squid 3.8/5

Sauce for Deep Fried Squid

Next is the Guan Dong Zhu (关东煮), a type of taiwnese style yong tau foo that had five items in the bowl.

Guan Dong Zhu (关东煮) 3.8/5

Grilled Enoki Bacon Stick 3.5/5

Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe
CityLink Mall
Raffles Link, #B1-23
Nearest MRT: City Hall and Esplanade, EW Line, NS Line, CC Line

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