Saturday, February 22, 2014

Garden Picks, The Dried Fruits & Nuts Company


I have a weak spot of nuts and I love snacking all sort of nuts ranging from peanut, almond, cashew and more. Usually I will go to the nearby convenient store or supermarket to stock up my supply. Recently I have been introduced to Garden Picks, a online dried fruits and nuts company that sells and deliver a quality wide array of wholesome snacks in Singapore. My craving can now be satisfied with just a few mouse clicks and I will have a good serving size of wholesome snacks to curb my craving.


Garden Picks has recently introduced a new range of gourmet nuts from Australia. I got my hands on a few of these new products to try. There was quite a few interesting flavoured nuts such as the Tiramisu Almond, French Vanilla Almond, Mexican Salsa Cashew, Cinnamon Almond, Canadian Maple Cashews and Thai Sweet Chilli Cashew. Among the 6 new gourmet nuts from Australia, my favourite was the French Vanilla Almond. The sugary vanilla coating around the roasted almond reminds me of those sugar coated nuts I used to buy from the kachang puteh stall.


The web based wholesome snacks supplier has grown into a manufacturing and packing facility producing and supplying a diverse range of dried fruits and nuts to corporate workplaces, government ministries, school and hotels. You can find out more of the products in the website link below. Garden Picks has a wide range of dried fruits and nuts that is delivered "factory fresh" to your doorstep.

Garden Picks
8A Admiralty Street
Singapore 757437
Tel: +65 66594859


  1. I don't see the new range on their website. then how to order?

    1. Hi there, I just double checked. It is there. Look for it under the Gourmet Nuts Section.

  2. Is there more kind of nuts you can offer?