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Crystal Jade Okinawa Fare Promotion Available Until 5 May 2024, Showcasing the Bountiful Produces From Okinawa


Recently returning from a trip to Okinawa, I found myself at Crystal Jade to explore their latest promotion, Flavours of Okinawa. This promotion, running until May 5th, 2024, celebrates the vibrant flavours and fresh produce of Okinawa, often referred to as the Hawaii of Japan.


Some of the ingredients from Okinawa that Crystal Jade will be using and incorporating into the dish are Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed, Sea Grape, Bittergourd and Brown Sugar.

Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed:
One of the stars of the promotion, Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed, takes centre stage in several dishes. Renowned for its briny flavour and delicate texture, this seaweed adds a distinct umami richness.

Sea Grape:
Another Okinawan gem is the Sea Grape. Rarely seen outside of Okinawa, this unique seaweed variety offers a burst of freshness and a delightful crunch, elevating dishes with its unique texture and flavour profile.

Bittergourd is a beloved ingredient in Okinawan cuisine. It is used in various dishes. Known for its creamy texture and mild flavour, bittergourd adds depth and richness to soups, stir-fries, and other delights.

Brown Sugar:
No exploration of Okinawan cuisine would be complete without the use of Brown Sugar, a staple ingredient in many traditional dishes. Adding a subtle sweetness and depth of flavour, Okinawan brown sugar lends a unique character to both savoury and sweet creations.

Chilled Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed 4/5

We began our dinner with the refreshing Chilled Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed ($22.80), a delightful dish paired with wasabi-aged vinaigrette, fresh lily bulb, and cherry tomato. Available at all Crystal Jade fine dining outlets, it sets the tone for the evening ahead.

Okinawa Sea Grapes 3.8/5

A rare find in Singapore, the Okinawa Sea Grapes ($19.80) showcased the uniqueness of Okinawan produce. Served on a bed of ice and paired with fragrant, spicy soy sauce, it offered a crunchy texture and a burst of flavour.

Crisp-fried Shredded Taro with Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed 3.5/5

Next, we indulged in the Crisp-fried Shredded Taro with Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed ($19.80 for 4pc), a harmonious blend of fragrant taro and briny seaweed, providing a multi-textural experience.

Crispy Okinawa Bittergourd & Shimeiji Mushroom with Salted Egg 3/5

While flavourful, the Crispy Okinawa Buttergourd & Shimeiji Mushroom with Salted Egg ($12.80) at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen left me wishing for a more distinct salted egg flavour. Nevertheless, the addition of rice puff added an enjoyable crunch to the dish.

Pan-fried Prawn & Chives with Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed Pancake 3.5/5

Reminiscent of okonomiyaki, the Pan-fried Prawn & Chives with Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed Pancake ($13.80) at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen was a delightful treat. Topped with prawns, chives, and seaweed, it offered a crisp and flavorful experience.

Spicy Szechuan Chicken with Okinawa Bittergourd 4/5

The Spicy Szechuan Chicken with Okinawa Bittergourd ($22.80) at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao stood out as a bold and flavourful dish. The fragrant spicy sauce perfectly complemented the tender chicken and bittergourd.

Stewed Noodle with Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed & Prawn 3/5

Ending our savoury journey, the Stewed Noodle with Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed & Prawn ($15.80) provided a comforting experience. While the noodles were soft and silky, the flavour was subdued, probably to allow the seaweed to shine.

Acerola Cherry Mochi 3.5/5

We savoured the Acerola Cherry Mochi ($9.80 for 4pc) and Mini Chocolate Tart with Okinawa Brown Sugar ($8.80 for 4pc) for dessert. Both offered a sweet ending to our meal, with the latter standing out for its elevated aroma and indulgent sweetness from the brown sugar.

Mini Chocolate Tart with Okinawa Brown Sugar 4/5

Crystal Jade's Flavours of Okinawa promotion is a delightful exploration of Okinawan cuisine, showcasing the freshness and diversity of the region's produce. Available until May 5th, 2024, across various Crystal Jade outlets, it offers a tantalising glimpse into the tropical flavours of Okinawa.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

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